The Best Apps for your Smart Watch or Android Wearable

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If you are the proud owner of a smart watch then you no doubt want to get the most from it and to do that you need good apps. If fact it’s often been said that the success of any wearable devise is hugely dependent on the apps available for it. With Android wear there are countless apps to chose from and it’s this diversity of apps and the ever growing number and refinement of them that has helped the wearables market to grow and will ultimately underpin its success.

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So as you can get more use and functionality form your smart watch or wearable device we have put together a list of the apps we have found most useful and which are our favorite for us on a smart watch.


Button Savior


This is one of the best if not the best Software key app available for your Android smart watch. Many wearables have a small screen and not all have a full range of hardware buttons for going back through a menu system or jumping between functions. The small screen can be a little trick and if you have a device with a charge cradle like the iMacwear SPARTA M7 then the hardware buttons aren’t available when its charging or connected to your computer, with this app however they don’t need to be as you can open it up and enjoy all a floating software key panel that can be accessed anywhere and anytime so the home, volume, camera and call buttons along with many others can easily be accessed when you want them.

Minuum Keyboard


Apps are supposed to do things easily and efficiently which is exactly what the Minuum keyboard app accomplishes. It uses the same layout as a QWERTY keyboard only squashed down a little. You don’t even have to hit the correct key just get close and the app will determine what you wanted to type, select the correct word from a bar of possible and then continue typing. If you want to add a space you slide your finger right and to delete a word slide it left. Having big fingers can be a pain for typing on my phones keyboard but this app is surprisingly accurate and even though I struggle on my phones keyboard I found the Minuum Keyboard app very helpful and easy to use on a smart watch even with only a 1.54inch screen. This app is well worth checking out and because it’s free it makes no sense not to. In fact I was that impressed I now use it on my 5 inch screen Smartphone as well.



This stands for IF This Then That and is a really great service to help simplify your life. You can preprogram your device be it a phone or watch to perform a set of actions if an event happens. An example could be, if your boss sends you and e-mail you can get a text alert, or perhaps you may want to set it to automatically send you camera shots to Instagram. You can also configure a range of actions to interact with your smart house and turn your lights on or off when you arrive or leave. You can set it to get a notification reminding you to take an umbrella with you to work if the weather forecast predicts rain for tomorrow. As our gadgets and electronics become more interconnected the possibilities grow exponentially so almost anything could be possible.

Wear Buddy


Some wearbale devices will come with an anti lost feature but if yours doesn’t then this app is a must get. Wear Buddy was designed specifically for Android Wear devices and lets you keep track of your phones battery as well as alerting you when your phone is out of range. You can even activate your phones ringer to make it easier to find if has slipped down the back of the sofa or been left somewhere around the house.


WeaRSS Feed


The one limitation that a smart watch has is perhaps the screen. In order to fit on your wrist the screen has to be small, typically only around 1.5 inches across so its hardly ideal for reading a lengthy article or even a long e-mail. With WeaRSS Feed you can add all your favorite feeds and be notified when something that you’re interested in arrives. With a nice headline and intro you can have enough information to decide if you want to read more later. If you like to keep your finger on the pulse then this is the app for you.



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Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.3.2015. | 16:04
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