5 Tips To Get a Better Battery Life On Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.3.2015. | 18:41


With all the wonderful things about the smartphones of today – there is one common problem – battery life. Our love for thin designs, large screens and an abundance of additional applications has come at a price – as we are constantly on the lookout for a charging facility and on edge about the possibility of our phone running out of juice in the middle of the day.

Overnight charging has become a traditional ritual for most smartphone users and even with over 8 hours of non-stop charging, our phones never seem to get just “enough” sleep.

If you are often faced with this conundrum, one solution could be looking for a device with a really strong battery – that could last through the day and even more, like this new arrival to out website – THL 5000T Smartphone – featuring a 5000mAh battery.

But if you are not on the market for a new phone, we have come up with a handful of tips to optimize your battery life and buy you some time.

Tip #1: Understand What’s Going On

The first thing you might want to do when it comes to battery life assessment is head over to Settings>Battery (“Power” on some phones) and check out Battery Usage Details. There you will have the breakdown of how your battery is being consumed and which application is eating the most of it. Based on the results, you will either find out that there is nothing to be done and your all the battery-consuming applications are absolutely necessary –  or, you could mull over the option of turning down your screen brightness or uninstalling a game or two.

Tip #2: Watch The Social Media

Updates, updates, updates… The importance of this factor will solely depend on your social media activity and popularity. So if your photos get liked a lot and you feel the need to reply to each comment personally – you may be putting an extra strain on your battery life. Try to get rid of automatic social media updates and switch to the manual fishing for updates, while setting reasonable limits for yourself.

Tip #3: Update Your Apps

This may not be the most obvious one, but it does help. App developers do think about us, users, and with every upgrade the app in question may actually consume a tad less battery and give you an overall better operation of the whole device.

Tip #4: Ask Your Phone For Help

Practically every smartphone these days will have an energy saving mode. However, certain later models come with things like Ultra Battery Saving or Extreme Saving – modes that strip your phone to the bare minimum of making and receiving phone calls and messages. This may be depriving you of your favourite smart features – but it is a viable solution if your phone is on the brink of giving out.

Tip #5: Look For Good Signal Strength

Some things are out of our control and we just have to deal with them. Finding yourself in an area with poor cellular signal is one of these things and there is very little we can do in the situation. However, it is worth noting that the harder it is to get the signal, the harder your phone will be trying – thus, using up more battery life. What you can do here is actually switch to Airplane mode – since the signal is bad already, at least you could get some battery perks out of it.


You may also like to see more battery life saving tips  or check out some battery saving apps on the Chinavasion blog page.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 18.3.2015. | 18:41
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  1. Amanda March 20, 12:04

    Good information.

  2. HollyW March 23, 23:39

    I never knew my cell phone had a energy saving mode. I need to check this out. Thanks

  3. Donna Evans March 23, 23:47

    I have a problem with cell phones going dead, this is great information for me to check when it happens.

  4. Donna Evans March 23, 23:48

    I have a problem with dead batteries so this information has been really great for ideas to check when this happens.

  5. Carol Donnermeyer March 24, 02:23

    This is so helpful as I end up with no power way too often.

  6. Carol Donnermeyer March 24, 02:24

    good information and I can find it very helpful

  7. Carol Donnermeyer March 24, 02:26

    certain later models come with things like Ultra Battery Saving or Extreme Saving – modes that strip your phone to the bare minimum of making and receiving phone calls and messages.
    I did not know this but I do now. I found the function on my phone and am using itl

  8. Joyce K March 24, 04:59

    I am always looking for ways to extend the battery life on my phone. I even turn my phone off when I’m not using it to save battery juice. Browsing the web on my phone and texting often also drains my battery. These tips are very useful and I am going to try tip #1. I always charge my phone when the battery is low but I never look into what is causing the battery to get low in the first place. Thanks for writing this informative article on useful ways to extend your battery life.

  9. melikegarfield March 24, 05:28

    Do you know a good app to determine the charge coming in from a charger? I use a few different charges and some obviously work faster than others. I also want to make sure I’m not using TOO much of a charge. How can I ensure that isn’t an issue?

  10. SaraAB87 March 28, 23:52

    Most people could use these tips, thank you.

  11. Rick (Western Australia) March 29, 15:28

    Here’s how to actually improve the discharge rate of the actual battery by fixing any under-performing cells and recalibrating the battery to extend its useful life between charges. If you’ve noticed your battery seems to run out of juice more quickly, even after applying ‘normal’ power saving settings, use an app like “Advanced Battery Calibrator / Battery Repair” (check Play store for these and similar) and follow the instructions for use EXACTLY. If your battery can’t hold its charge for more than a few hours, don’t throw it away, use a Repair / Calibrate app to refresh it. I use one on my old Moto Droid HD and it works great, especially as my phone has “non-replaceable” battery. With normal use, I get between 2-3 days between charges. 🙂

  12. Justin April 3, 17:43

    Something as simple as setting your screen brightness to ‘auto’ can help conserve battery life by up to 20%!

  13. Eugene Yaschenko April 6, 01:02

    Useful tips and it can help to prolong battery life on Android phones. Thanks!

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