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As safety comes at the top of our most important needs, it is not a surprise that we have always been looking for ways to improve our security. From the walls of Troy to The Great Wall Of China, we have come a long way when it comes to protecting our borders. Significant advances have also been made in personal security and we can now protect our homes and offices in ways we could not before.

Surely, there is no need for becoming paranoid and building barricades around ourselves – but having a reliable lock on your door (whether home or office) will give you peace of mind and a sense of security.

In this post we are introducing you to several door accessories, including biometric door locks, alarms and door bells that will help make your life safer and easier.

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock “Aegis”

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Biometric devices seem to pop up in personal security field more and more often, as they offer us individualized protection that without all that key fuss. With a fingerprint access lock, you will get in and out of your house or office without a key and yet keep it perfectly safe. It’s a good fit for anyone who is often worried about losing their keys or having them stolen. How the lock works is pretty simple. Equipped with a 3D optical sensor, you will only need to scan your fingerprint to get through the door. And if you are still not fully comfortable with having a keyless door or relying solely on biometric protection, the lock also features a PIN and KEY options – so that you can adjust it to fit your style and security demands.

Battery Operated Security Door Lock


This silver zinc metal alloy lock is opened and closed with the help of a code and is another keyless solution for your home or office. You will have the option of setting up to 10 changeable codes and getting into the house will be much more fun and reminiscent of your favourite spy movie. A code lock is also a good choice for securing your private office and keeping all your confidential possessions safe. As with all keyless locks, you will avoid the embarrassment of losing your key behind or wasting valuable working time looking for it in your bag.

In addition to being keyless, the lock is also wireless – ridding you of the problem of cord placement. The lock is battery-operated and you will have around 15000 hours before the battery will need replacement. And do not be scared that the lock suddenly runs out of power leaving you stranded outside the door. You get several battery-replacing reminders and, even if you choose to ignore them all, there is an emergency power jump override.

Security Doorstop Wedge Siren Alert


If you are worried that someone might try to get into your office or house, having a reliable alarm system in place is key. But if you fell that wiring up your house with video surveillance is a bit too much – you may want to start with something simpler. Security doorstop alarm is easy to install and will react to your door being opened or pushed from the outside – producing a loud unpleasant sound that will surely scare away the intruder and alert the neighborhood that something is wrong. The installation process is, once again, simple. You will just insert the doorstop alarm behind a closed door. Now, if someone tries to open it from the outside, the alarm will be triggered and a 120dB siren will make its noisy appearance.

Wi-Fi Video Door Intercom + Door Bell


We finish off with an all-in-one type of gadget – that is also modern, smart and stylish. While neither intercoms nor doorbells are particularly new inventions – and we have been using the for quite some time – adding a smart wireless component to them proved to be a great comfort and security upgrade. This Wi-Fi Door Intercom and Bell system comes with an app (suitable for both IOS and Android devices) that will alert you to any activity going outside the door of your home or office. Once the doorbell rings, you will get a clear image of who is ringing it and an option to take a photo of that person should anything seem suspicious to you. This feature is a particularly comforting one when the door bell rings late at night – as the night vision feature will help you battle the dark.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.3.2015. | 02:00
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