5 Fun iPhone Accessories From Chinavasion

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.3.2015. | 23:37

iPhone has always been a device in its own category – having revolutionized the way we think about phones and personal devices. It’s true that we mostly do focus on Android devices when it comes to personal gadgetry – but that does not mean we ignore iPhone users – and when we see a gadget with potential for increasing your user experience – we just can’t look away – no mater what OS is being operated.

So in this post we have rounded up several iPhone accessories that we hope you’ll consider enjoying.

Pocket iPhone 6 Projector +Powerbank

120_Lumen_mini_DLP_video_dskqBsTr.jpg.thumb_400x400 (1)

Projectors have tons of uses: some traditional and some quite innovative (as we described in our post on 4 Unconventional Uses For A Home Projector). They have even more exciting uses when they are portable – as you can take the fun everywhere you go and use the device in a larger number of settings. This pocket iPhone projector is a perfect thing to have in your bag or pocket in case of a presentation, speech, meeting or if you have some spare time for an office movie with colleagues. The projector features a USB, micro-USB and an HDMI port, letting you connect it to a great number of devices. Despite it being a rather small device, the image quality will not let you down – with an 4:3 aspect ratio and 1000:1 contrast. An additional benefit is that the projector can double as a power bank – so that your iPhone can never run out of juice.

Phone Call Recorder for iPhone “EZCAP”


We have all been in those situations: you have a 30-minute long conversation with your boss about the changes to the upcoming project and after you hang up your head goes blank. Or worse, you could be having a conversation with your spouse about your anniversary dinner plans…You get the picture. It’s always nice to have the option of going back and re-listening to all the important points the other party was making. With EZCAP you can easily record your phone conversations to come back to them anytime you want. You will have 500 minutes of recording time in good mp3 quality and all you will need to do is plug the recorder in the headphone jack and press the “record” button.

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard


The convenience of taking our phones everywhere and them not taking up too much space does come at a price. Of course, it depends on what you want to use your device for, but when it comes to email writing and even some specifically long texts, there is no denying the comfort of a full QWERTY keyboard. Having one handy can make a huge difference in the way you interact with your phone. And should you ever need to type something lengthy, a mini Bluetooth keyboard will do the trick without occupying too much space or messing up your work area with useless wires.



Not all accessories have to be about functionality – some are just plain fun. An RC controlled helicopter is a great toy for kids and adults alike. As small and fragile as it may look, this toy is actually a robust construction – made of stainless steel and able to withstand falls onto hard surfaces and bumps into the various objects in your house. Made specifically for IOS devices, you will only need your phone to control the helicopter. Flying the helicopter is as easy as pie and pretty soon you will be performing stunts in the air and making your friends in the park turn green with envy.

Bluetooth Anti-Lost Alarm

Bluetooth_Anti_Lost_Alarm_and_wSIod-1r.JPG.thumb_400x400 (1)

One of the worst things about having a pricey Apple device is the fact that it can be lost. The idea that your precious phone can be in the hands of a thief is not a comforting one and you need to take precautions to make sure that does not happen. This small pretty-looking gadget is a Bluetooth anti-lost alarm that will allow you to track your Apple device and know where it is at all times. All you have to do is attach the key to your phone and download a simple application called “EasyFind”. And, if you are you phone will never be lost, the gadget can also double as a remote camera trigger for your iPhone.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.3.2015. | 23:37
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