8 Pens That Do Much More Than Write

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.3.2015. | 22:58

Who knew that a simple stationery device such a pen could get so versatile and functional – but it has. Not that pens were not functional enough to begin with – after all, it took human kind quite a whole to get a method of writing that was so efficient and hassle-free. But these days standard pens have somewhat lost their appeal and we are no longer impressed with what they can do. Unless, of course, they can do something special – and these are the types of pens we’ll talk about in this post.

We got used to seeing pens perform various types of unexpected actions in 007-movies and it was exciting to watch secret agents

Wireless Bluetooth Talking Pen (like “Cannice Padblue 2”)


We start off with a cool pen you can purchase right here at Chinavasion.“Cannice Padblue 2” turns the simple writing device into an entertainment and communication machine. With this pen, you can not only write, but also make Bluetooth phone calls and listen to music wirelessly. With your smartphone carefully tucked away in your purse, you can answer calls right from your pen – thanks to a high-quality built-in microphone. And your favourite tracks can aslo make their way directly into the pen’s built-in speaker.

Spy Pen

Spy Pen

This one is probably the most popular type of addition to a pen. Somehow a great number of us believe that pens are a good tool for spying – and even though most of use are in no way related to the secret service – the idea is simply fun. Spy pens come with carefully hidden cameras and have a non-distinctive look – so that no one would ever guess there is anything special going on. The pen would let you make short videos that you can then embarrass your friends with – or, perhaps, embark on an exciting journey as a secret agent.

Red Laser Pointer Beam Pen


Another pen from Chinavaion collection – and this one’s a classic. The pen is equipped with a 5mW laser beam, which makes it a great tool for presentations, speeches, lectures and any other kind of public speaking event. Made in back brass – the pen is a powerful and stylish accessory in its own right – and would make a great gift for any occasion. Coming at only 157 mm long, it’s just the right size to be carried around easily and not attracting unwanted attention – but also big enough to be taken seriously.

Thermometer Pen

Thermometer Pen

Some pens have additions which are not as obviously related to the writing process. It may be difficult to think of a situation straight away when you might need to make a note and know the outside temperature at the same time – but we’re pretty sure that if you have the gadget ready, the circumstances will present themselves. The pen will let you measure outside temperature and have a pretty cool look – so the design alone may be enough to get interested in the gadget.

3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen


Another Chinavasion hit comes from the more artistic side, as this pen will allow you to create real life objects off paper. Instead of the ink, the pen is equipped with plastic that melts at high temperatures – creating whatever your imagination is hinting you to. You can use on paper or any other surface – but nothing is quite as fun as just moving the pen trough the air watching your artwork come to life. The pen would make a great acquisition for anyone in the art world or any design enthusiast, eager to try out ideas. But even if nothing connects you to the creative fields – the pen would make a fun party favor – with your guests competing in creating the most original objects.

SD Card Pen

Sd Card Pen

We are all familiar with SD card readers – but for some people it’s just not enough. And while combining some things seems to be quite a natural choice, with others you may have to wonder a bit. SD card pen works in the same way as an SD card hub – coming with the USB on one end and the slots for several SD cards on the other – it does get the job done while also remaining a reliable writing tool. Why combine the two? We may never know.

Many-in-one Pen

5-in-one pen

Some pen makers have a hard time missing out on even one extra function – so they want to have it all. This is how the many-in-one gadgets have come about and pens are big in this category. Certain writing tools now feature a flashlight, a laser pointer, a stylus, a bank not checker, a speaker, a voice recorder and yes, a pen. Feature combinations may vary, but the essence stays the same as you a get a multi-functional gadget with sometimes unpredictable powers.

Color Picker Pen


Once in a while, there come gadgets that seem to have stepped our from our childhood dreams. Color Picker Pen is five seconds short of a magic device and it invites you to collect all the beautiful colors of the world around you and use them in your drawings or writings. With the scanner locates at the top of the pen, all you need to do is point it at the colour you like and the pen will recreate it, using the combinations of the stock colors it has.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.3.2015. | 22:58
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