5 Best Free Tasker App Plugins For Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.3.2015. | 15:06

We believe that by now you should be well familiar with Tasker app, thanks to all the wonderful capabilities it brings to Android. But if, for some reason, you have not explored this wonderful tool yet – we’ll kick off with an introduction.

Tasker is an Android application that, quite simply, performs various tasks, letting you take control of various Android abilities without rooting your device. The app has even been described as an “automation tool”, as it brings together different Android functions and lets you manipulate them in any way convenient for you. There are numerous examples to what the application can do – for instance, get rid of the lock screen automatically as you get home or turn Bluetooth on as you get to a certain location. In short, it cam be your personal Android assistant, taking care of the details so that you can focus on the big stuff.

Today, though, we are here to talk about Tasker plugins – useful Tasker extensions that can do even more for your phone management. Tasked plugins do come with additional expenses – and, even though, the pricing is quite reasonable – make sure you have a budget in mind before diving head first into the fun. But don’t worry about overspending after this post – as we will only include free Tasker plugins, that can increase the app’s functionality without asking you to reach deep into your pocket.

Secure Settings

Secure Settings

Secure Setting is a free plugin (paid for the extended version) that lets you take more control over your security. It’s a favourite among many rooted users, but can do great things for non-rooted devices as well. If you worried about your phone’s safety, with Secure Settings you will be able to explore more advanced anti-theft systems, as well as protect your privacy. A great feature, for instance, is the auto picture taking of anyone who types in the wrong PIN into your phone.


Push Bullet

Pushbullet is another free and highly useful plugin that allows you to “push” files to other devices, whether they are Android, IOS or Windows. For instance, if you want to forward a message to your computer – Pushbullet can do it, and follow up with message replies. You can also set the plugin to send notifications – and not only to you – but other people as well – which is great for managing a small team or keeping your friends and family in the know.

Tasker App Factory

Tasker App Factory

Tasker App Factory goes a step further from a standard plugin and instead of adding tasks to Tasker – it helps you turn tasks into independent apps that you can place on the home screen or share with others. So if you are using a certain task quite frequently or think you have come across something that others could also benefit from – you can make it an app in its own right that can be launched quickly from your smartphone or copied to other devices.

Auto Voice

Tasker Voice

We could have started with Auto Voice, as it is one of the most popular Tasker plugins and the one most app’s users reach for first. Auto Voice allows you to add your own custom commands to Google Now and take a better control of your phone by just using your voice. This means that all your Tasked-created tasks can also be controlled vocally – making your phone’s functionality even smoother.


Folder Sync

FolderSync is an app a great deal of users swear by to sync their content between their smartphone and various cloud-based services. The plugin supports different cloud service providers and works with rooted and non-rooted devices. A great feature of the plugin is fully functional file manager that lets you let file locally and on the cloud right from the app – so you will have full control of all the main file functions, like copying, deleting, uploading and downloading.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 14.3.2015. | 15:06
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