Friday FAQ’s, The Chinavasion Returns Process And Valentines Day

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It’s been a very busy week here at Chinavasion, with everybody getting ready for the Chinese New Year break, I hope you are doing the same.

We took time out last Saturday though to celebrate the first anniversary of ‘PIPUM’ pictures

We were also busy thinking about resellers. we put together Hot Dropshipper Tips For A Successful 2010 and we did a no holds barred review of Magneto.

Somehow though we managed to find time to launch lots of great new electronics and answer plenty of questions.

I have a video that shows a problem of something I bought from you, how can I get it to you?

Just as we said previously putting videos on YouTube is not the best way to get a video to us.

Thankfully there are a number of ways to send us videos. Here are three ways to do that:

Videos Via Gmail
While email providers won’t allow you to send files larger than 25MB it is still possible to compress it by using WinZip or RAR and then attaching it that way. You can then email the file to


Videos Via MegaUpload offers a free file sharing service. You have to become a member to use the upload function but there is a free membership option with 200GB of online storage available.

If you’ve created a Chinavasion account before you’ll be able to set up a megaUpload account without too much difficulty. And once that’s done the upload procedure is a fairly easy one. There’s a picture walk through below (just click on a picture to make it larger).

Mega uploader real step 1 copy

Mega uploader real step 2 copy
Just make sure that you address the email to and, in the box beside the SEND button, be sure to include your order number, the product code and the fault E.G: Order Number 5401 CVDX-M45 faulty screen.

Videos Via Dropbox
Dropbox was the darling of Technorati and online workers alike due to it’s ease of use and fairly stable nature. Essentially it allows you to share folders with certain people and also give URLS of videos that you can send to us.

For more information about how it works visit

Videos Via Screencast operates a lot like

Like Megaupload you shouldn’t have any problems setting up an account with if you’ve set up an account with Chinavasion however, you may find the upload and sharing process a little easier with the uploading and distributing broken into two distinctive steps. The fist thing to do is to log in and click on the ‘my library’ link on the main page (just click on a picture to make it larger).

Screencast upload process copy
Then once you’ve done that go to your image folder and you should see your file. Hold the mouse over the picture and you will see the buttons you need.

screencast sharing process copy
By uploading a video via one of these channels you will be surprised how quickly and easily your problems can be solved. And, you never know, you may find other uses for these services.

I am a reseller how can I handle the warranty?

Basically there are 5 steps to follow

  1. Get all the details about the product issue from your customer. Ask him the pictures if the product is physically damaged and how he tried to operate the item.
  2. Email us these details at , in the majority of the case we can solve the issue by email without having you to return the product. We will answer within one working day.
  3. If we need product back here in Chinavasion, we will allow you as the reseller the Return Merchandize Authorization (R.M.A).
  4. You will send the return instructions to you customer and let him return the product to our warehouse directly or you will receive his product and return it yourself.
  5. We receive the product 3 weeks after we repair it we will contact you. We will ship the repair at the address you will have instructed. The shipping fee to send the repair will be covered by Chinavasion.

If the item is not repairable, we will offer credit on your Chinavasion account for further purchase.

If you would like to know more you can check out our knowledgebase article Warranty And Returns – Chinavasion Terms and Conditions. One important thing to remember is that we cannot offer your customers directly as our warranty agreement is with you our reseller and not your customer.

Do you have any items that we can list for Valentines Day sales?

This year we do indeed have several items that are perfect to list for Valentines Day sales. And while we will be looking at this more in detail on Monday it is worth looking at now.

Click on the picture to learn more about these great Valentines gadgets:




You’ve always got the latest gadgets. What products should I watch out for next week?

ATSC portable TV receiver, don’t miss out on the Superbowl game just because you’re stuck at work!

Product Review


Super Radio (Streaming Internet, DAB+, iPod/iPhone Dock) [CVNA-E63]
You’ve probably heard of Digital television. Now welcome to the world of digital radio.

Digital radio opens up a whole new world of audio entertainment and the Super Radio brings digital radio and internet signals right into your living room.

  • So to use internet radio, I basically type a URL into The Super Radio?
    No it’s easier than that. Register all your favorite radio and podcast stations at The Super Radio wirelessly connects with wifiradio-frontier portal server, and allows you to choose and listen to whatever internet streaming radio stations you have listed there.
  • What about the readability of the user manual?
    It’s especially good. Perfectly written English. Good grammar. Clear instructions with diagrams. Copywriters were brought in for this project. If you’re using it yourself, you’ll love it. If you’re reselling it, your customers won’t have a problem with the setup or bother you with questions. Plus The Super Radio is pretty intuitive to use anyway.
  • Any good Internet radio stations you can recommend?
    We like most radio stations on,,, is especially cool if you’re into eclectic. Enjoy.

For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

Author xlxmarketing 22.1.2010. | 18:38
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  1. JUAN MANUEL April 19, 15:53

    Hi friends, I have no problems with any product ok?
    I will be a store, and my provider Chinavasion be ok?
    I need is to send me the details of your policy of drop to put in my shop ok?
    1 – send your return policy summary
    2 – address to send items
    3 – a brief summary of the guarantee of Chinavasion.
    is to place it in my shop and customers to read.
    I hope that on this occasion you shall have understood me.
    It’s just that I find difficult to read in English and your policies are very extensive for me to understand ok?
    thank you very much


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