Alternative Search Engines That Do What Google Doesn’t

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.3.2015. | 01:02

“Why invent a bicycle?” – you might ask, quite reasonably. And with “google” making its way into the language as a common verb, rather than a brand name – it’s pretty clear that most of us are quite satisfied with all things Google. But diversity is a great thing, so why not make use of it? In this post, we’ll go over a few alternatives to the number one engine that do offer something a tad different or could compete with Google on almost equal grounds, had they been given a chance.



Quixey fits right into our specialized category, as it is a search engine dedicated entirely to apps. True, a general search engine can get the task done as well. But with Quixey you will get rid of unrelated results and will be able to search specifically for the applications you need, their reviews, mentions in blogs and social media sites and additional information. As you enter Quixey, you will quickly realize that the engine is app-specific: you will be able to click on various categories, including apps, developers, Android apps and others –  to get closer to your target results.

Find The Best


Find The Best is a procrastinator’s dream. As one of the major reasons we run searches in the first place is to choose a product to buy, this search engine has made it its task to specialize in the area. You will have several categories to choose from, including Business, Education, Electronics, Health, Smartphones (!) and others and, once you run your search, you will be able to get all the retail data you need to make the most informed buying decision. And while you might as well shop around with practically any search engine, the aptly named Find The Best will make the situation much easier and save you a lot of manual comparison work.



This engine may not seem like a serious deal, just judging by its name, and it sure isn’t. Ogmygodlol helps you look for all things funny on the net, including pictures, signs, memes and other laugh-inducing content under various categories. As fun as the idea may be, the search work behind the scenes is very much real. It’s the right place to go when you just feel like having a few laughs and would prefer to not filter through hundreds of images to get to the funny stuff. So figure out what you want to laugh about, click on a category or type in the keywords and laugh away.



FindZebra is a less cheerful site, but a necessary one nonetheless. It helps you search for specific and rare health conditions in the database of over 30, 000 documents. The search engine is easy to use and gets updates regularly in its specific field. So when searching for something as special as a rare genetic disease – you may want to go with the tool that is designed for the task exclusively – giving you trusted data and filtering out unrelated results.



With all the recent debate on online security, DuckDuckGo has gained its niche as a favourite among privacy-conscious users. So the first thing you do is read the engine’s privacy statement. You will find that DuckDuckGo does not use cookies and does not save IP addresses in its logs – so your searches are completely anonymous and the engine has no way of knowing where you are and who you are, which these days is a rare luxury. The slogan of the engine is reassuring in itself – dubbing it “the engine that doesn’t track you”.



CompeltePlanet is your guide into the deep web – that evasive part of the World Wide Web content that is not indexed by most search engines. CompletePlanet’s database features specialized and topical content from various walks of life and boasts having access to more than 70,000 of deep web sites. This kind of search engine is quite different from the others and you will need it for specific searches that conventional engines may not be able to perform

Author Chinavasion Marketing 12.3.2015. | 01:02
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  1. Milica Kuvalja March 21, 00:58

    I used to use scroogle before it went down. Now I spend my time between bing and almighty google! I would like to see more articles like this one! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. johnthuku0 March 24, 02:23

    I must admit that I use Google for pretty much everything. I knew that other search engines were there but I Was not sure how good or accurate they were. Thank you for sharing these. I will have to try them out.

  3. Ronald Gagnon March 24, 03:19

    I did not even hear about Quixey before..but it seems effective..I might even give it a try

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