Top 5 Games For Android That Are Downright Scary

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.3.2015. | 04:36

We all know that most best-selling games do have a mean component. Even when they involve cute animal characters, in the game world you will end up throwing them at each other. The rate of meanness, however, can vary a lot – and while some games are just a tad angry, others can be downright scary – “don’t play before bed” type of scary. And these are exactly the kind we will discuss today.

Murder Room 

Murder Room

We had to start with the Murder Room, because…we just had to. The game features all the master components of a horror show – and yet presents itself in a subtle – and thus much scarier way. What makes it even better is that you are placed right in the middle of it – as the game is a room-escape one. And as you are solving mind-boggling puzzles in a dark and mysterious environment, coming across gruesome clues and shivering from every noise – you will see why we placed it at the top of the list. As scary as the game may be, it is not your typical zombie-slasher or monster-hunter and the intellectual component will keep you interested and entertained in addition to plain scared. The game is easy to operate, free and unexpectedly challenging – so even seasoned room-escapers will have something to think about.

The Abandoned School

The abandoned school

We keep going with mystery puzzle games, as they somehow seem to go really well with dark horror setups. In this game, you will find yourself wondering the halls of an abandoned school, looking for the answers to a recent murder. As you may imagine, the halls of this old building aren’t exactly filled with happiness and cheerfulness – and you should expect to come across something well…not quite pleasant. If you want to push it even further – get into a dark corner and put the headphones on – this will really help you get into the game and feel all the intensity of the moment.

Into The Dead

Into The Dead

We have already featured this game in our post on Top 5 Zombie Games For Your Android Tablet. But despite the simplistic plotline and the hugely publicized and entertaining zombie theme, the game has earned its place on the downright scary list. Into The Dead is a runner game – but the one that will keep you on your toes and not because of the fast speeds and sharp turns. In the post-Apocalypse world, you will be running through a foggy field full of shadowy zombie figures that will be grabbing at you from every side. Add to that an appropriate soundtrack and the rustling of footsteps – and the game that is reminiscent to Temple Run in its plot and goals, becomes the scariest zombie game you can find on Android.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary had to be on the list, if simply for the fact that it’s one of the few augmented reality horror games for Android. The game is an interactive novel that will have you wondering around a haunted mansion with ghosts lurking in the corners and will get a glimpse of them when pointing your phone in the right place and at the right time. The plot unfolds as you make choices throughout the game and the endings may vary. It’s probably the most storybook-like out of all the plots we featured in this post – so if you enjoy a good story to frame all the gore – you will have it with Bloody Mary. The game is more suited for tablets – as you will be able to make full use of its HD capabilities – or a big screen smartphone.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Fridsay Nights at Freddys

This game starts off innocently enough as you get your first job and are asked to guard Freddy’s Pizza between the hours of midnight till 6 A.M. Unfortunately for you, this is the time when all the decorative robots at the pizza place come to live and start wandering the venue, looking forward to doing something gruesome. Your job does not involve any direct contact with them, but you will be responsible for keeping them from leaving the premises by closing the doors from the control room. You will be facing a number of issues as well: one of the cameras will be audio-only and you will have to save electricity and not overuse the lighting. This may not sound like a big deal – but this game is one of the most mysteriously nerve-wrecking ones out there. And even though you do not actually face the monsters – the fear is very much real.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 11.3.2015. | 04:36
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