Securing your Home with the Latest Tech

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We live in a world that is getting less and less safe with each day and not even the safest neighborhoods are absolutely, 100% safe. What is even more frightening is that the burglars have started using more sophisticated equipment that old-fashioned security measures have nothing against. The good news is that we also have quite a bit of choice when it comes to the latest in security tech and gadgets that can turn our homes into fortresses that will never be easily breached.

Securing your Home with the Latest Tech1

Ordinary locks are obsolete

If you still use an old-fashioned lock with a regular keyhole, you are pretty much inviting burglars to come into your home and do their thing. The least you can do is install more secure locks that entail improved protection with five-lever mortice, for instance. However, if you really want to discourage the burglars, the best thing to do is get some security door locks that use passwords instead of ordinary locks. These are much more difficult to break, especially if they use an anti-spy code encryption, like this model, for instance.

Install a video door phone

Another way to protect yourself against potential burglars is to know at all times who it is that is ringing your door. One of the easiest and most comprehensive ways to do this is to install a video door phone which will include a camera that will show you who is at your door. The newest video door phones are wireless and they have night vision which will be able to capture everything within 2 to 5 meters from the phone. The best video door phones also have tamper alarms so that no one can disable them.

Securing your Home with the Latest Tech3

Alarm systems have gone wireless as well

Every smart home owner will also install at least some sort of an alarm system that will monitor the doors and the windows on a home. The best alarm systems today have also gone wireless and they are more advanced than ever. For instance, this wireless alarm system provides you with sensors that use passive infrared and which are triggered if burglars open the doors or the windows. If you are not at home, the system informs you via your phone and in addition to this, it also starts blaring loud sounds and flashing lights that will scare away the burglars.

Do away with the dark

Everyone will tell you that the light is the worst enemy of any burglar and it is essential that you have some sort of motion-sensor lighting system around your house to ensure no one can creep up to it during the night. Even these have advanced over the last few years and now you have models like this security light, which has a solar battery and a dynamo that will allow you to recharge it using your own strength. This means that the burglars will not be able to take it out by cutting the wires because there aren’t any.

Video surveillance was never this easy before

Experts from a Brisbane security monitoring company have told us that the absolute best way to secure anything, be that a house or a business property is to go with a video surveillance system. There used to be a time when you have to spend a fortune on the best solutions, but with technology being so advanced today, even the most comprehensive systems like this DVR kit will not be too expensive. They are also very easy to operate and they provide you with everything that you need to really make your home impenetrable, of course in combination with previously described high-tech security options.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.3.2015. | 11:33
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