Dropshipping Idea: Office Management And Security Accessories

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.3.2015. | 16:59

In our series on dropshipping ideas, we could not pass by the section on office security – as the products in this category are always in demand and are resistant to trend changes. People will always need their doors locked, employees feeling safe and all the systems in place to make sure their companies are productive and working environments are safe and inspiring.

We are happy to give you a brief overview of a few of the many gadgets we have right here at Chinavasion that your clients may be happy to get introduced to.

GSM Wireless Alarm System “Prezerve”



Once you start a business, one of your major goals in life becomes protecting it. True, there are a number of issues to keep your small company safe from – but let’s start with the basic one. When you leave the office after a hard day’s work, you want all of your equipment and possessions to stay safe and keep your head free of fear and worry to get ready for the day ahead. Well, so do lots of other people. Keeping a home or an office safe is a primary need for most of us – and that makes the products in the category a good choice for dropshipping. “Preserve” Wireless Alarm System is one example of a gadget that will always be in demand as it will let you wirelessly control the situation in your office and know if there are any suspicious developments. The system is simple to operate and install, but comes with a heavy security package, including a passive infrared motion detector, a door alarm and a widow alarm (both are triggered when opened), as well as a 85dB alarm, capable of scaring away even the most tenacious criminal.

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock “Aegis


Biometrics is becoming a big thing in tech – and as we have switched to biometric passports, plenty other gadgets are determinedly going biometric. A biometric fingerprint lock is a good solution for closing a personal office, a room with valuables in an office building, a store or an entire small office. Forgetting your office keys at home is annoying, while losing them is downright scary. That’s why a great number of small business owners choose to switch to biometric devices – as they offer individualized protection to the contents of your office – even more so, if the lock is made of high-grade aluminum.

So we do know that biometric locks offer a higher level of protection. The only problem here may be the pricing – as small business often have to watch their budgets very carefully. Luckily, with the biometric fingerprint lock we have right here, your customers will have the chance to grab the product at wholesale price and enjoy a more secure environment without going overboard with the spending.

Color Screen Fingerprint Time Attendance System


Attendance systems have been around for a number of years, but employers are always on the lookout for better ways to keep track of their staff for security and productivity reasons. Fingerprint time attendance scanner is a great way to keep record of individual attendance without getting into debates or relying on word-of-mouth. Business owners will have a clear picture of who arrived on time and who was late, as well as a get an overall productivity picture over a period of time. There will also be no hassle of issuing clock-in cards – as all the employees will need to register their attendance is a fingerprint. Thus, the system is simple to operate and impossible to cheat. A number of your clients may be interested in switching from their older time attendance systems to the newer and more secure versions – provided the price is right. And in the price question, Chinavasion has you covered with a wholesale offer.

IP Cameras


We are in now way advocating the “Big Brother” scenario, but IP cameras are a very popular and common part of modern offices. Installed for a variety of reasons, like employees’ own security, they can be seen in most big offices and are making their ways into small ones as well. IP cameras come in various shapes and sizes and we have actually had a whole post dedicated to the issue of choosing a security camera (How To Choose A Security A Security Camera For Your Home Or Office). With a great number of options available, your clients will be able to choose a gadget that fits their office environment as well as their budgets. Check out Chinavsions wholesale security gadgets range and great dropshipping options.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.3.2015. | 16:59
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