7 Android Battery Myths Debunked

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.3.2015. | 05:24

Android Battery

There is somehow mystery and trickery surrounding charging your smartphone, as users are coming up with more and more tricks and tweaks for charging their devices faster and for longer periods of time. With lots if user-generated information out there, it is often difficult to tell fact from fiction. We have rounded up a number of myths on Android battery life, charging, do’s and don’ts – for you to look at and, perhaps, exclude out of your good ideas basket.

Not charging your phone until it’s at a very low charge

You have probably heard this advice plenty of times – that it’s much better for the long term use of your phone to charge it only when it’s about to go completely out of power. However, experts say that with modern lithium-ion batteries may become unstable when constantly driven to zero capacity. So it’s actually a better choice to charge your phone for shorter time several times a day than do a deep charge once in a while.

Cold temperature is better for the battery than hot one

Well, this would not be exactly wrong, but let’s not compare the two evils. The truth is, both hot and cold temperatures can mess with your phone’s battery and you are much better off keeping your device at room temperature. According to Apple, 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the lowest recommended temperature for all IOS devices.

Never charge your phone overnight as it will kill the battery

It’s true that you should not violently overcharge your phone, but the device is actually smarter than you think. So, once it has enough juice, it will simply stop charging with no harm done. It is also said that your battery will last longer if you keep it between 40% and 80% – and sticking within this frame seems like a reasonable and achievable goal.

Your phone can be always on – you don’t have to turn it off. Ever.

As advanced as your smartphone is, it will still need to rest, just like you. A number of experts recommend turning off your device when you got to bed, at least a few times a week, which will also have positive effect on the long-term battery functioning and life.

Turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS would make the battery last longer

There is a lot of debate going on here – and even though it’s been proven that the fewer things are running on your phone, the longer the battery lasts – the debate mostly concerns the idea of whether by turning off those features you will actually cease to have a smartphone at all. True, turning down all these activities on your phone may help you make the battery last a tad longer – but the cost of losing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS for a few minutes of battery time may be too high for some to pay

Using live wallpapers will significantly decrease battery life

Most of us like to make our phones pretty. And live wallpapers are a very simple way and fun way to embellish our devices. But you have probably also heard that a live wallpaper is a huge battery drainer – and that fact may have pushed you to opt for something simpler. While a live wallpaper does consume battery the “huge” part of its impact is quite exaggerated – as it only makes up for about 2% of the battery.

Automatic brightness setting is the best way to go

While automatic brightness may be the most convenient way to go – it may not be the most optimal. From the battery saving standpoint, you will be better off setting your brightness level at the minimum comfortable level and then adjust it when you feel like that is not enough.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.3.2015. | 05:24
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  1. Diana Kwan March 24, 00:36

    I love this! I’m so glad to know that my method of random short charges helps my phone rather than harm it. But I’m guilty of leaving it on for the entire time (except on airplanes of course).

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