5 Unconventional Phone Chargers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.3.2015. | 23:32

Lots of things can be converted into energy. And the fact that we got used to the conventional form of powering up our devices, doesn’t mean that we there are no better or more situation-fitting ways to get our phones working. The below charging devices may be unconventional – but they do get the job done and you may actually prefer them to a traditional charger if you are camping, chilling in the sun or simply want to impress your friends with your technological open-mindedness.



CampStove turn heat into energy to power your phone, tablet or any other electronic device and, as the name suggests, is a lifesaving camping tool. If you don’t feel like breaking away from your trip into the wild and missing a scary story at the campfire – simply charge your phone from the campfire itself. CampStove can be powered by sticks, twigs, leaves, pine cones and just almost anything else you can find in the forest and as the fire starts up – convert that energy into the power for your electronic devices.

Hand Crank Charger


You may have seen similar contraptions in cartoons, bu here it is in real life. As a lq2ast resort and with no sockets in sight, you can charge up your phone by cranking your hand – yes, it’s that simple. Truth be told, it may take some sweat to pump your phone’s battery – so it’s better to not let it get to zero – as you will have to be cranking for 20 minutes to get your out-of-charge phone to make a call. In addition to its functionality, hand crank charger is a fun accessory and a good way to remind yourself of the need to exercise.


bike charger

When it comes to moving into a healthy lifestyle – every detail matters. A bike charger may just be one if these details as the device gathers the power from your movements and uses it to charge your phone. Next time you feel like doing some exercise, set yourself a goal of charging your phone up to 100% and there you go – a workout with a plan and a charged phone as a bonus. Most bike chargers need to be placed in the centre of your wheel and won’t in any way interfere with your workout.

Solar Chargers

Window charger

That idea may not be as ground-breaking or surprising – but with the variety of solar chargers out there, you will be surprised as to how convenient they have become. One of our favourites is the mini solar charger that sticks onto the surface of a window and gathers the precious sunlight to charge your electronics. You can stick it onto the illuminator on board the plane, onto the window of a car or simply or any other sun-exposed surface and charge your phone quickly and discreetly – and, what’s more important – greenly.

Soccket Charge


It seems like of charging alternatives want to get us off the couch and into the backyard, doing some sort of exercise. This one, for instance, looks like your typical soccer ball – which it is. But, as a Kickstarter project that has gathered over $90, 000 in funding – it comes with an innovative twist. Take the ball out and play for as long as you want to – but keep in mind that you are charging it as you play. And later, the ball will pay its due by charging the electronics in your country.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.3.2015. | 23:32
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