What If? Gadgets You Will Need To Survive The Apocalypse

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Apocalypse is near. At least that’s what some popular TV series are trying to make us believe. From The Walking Dead to The Hundred, we are bombarded with images of people fighting for survival in the harsh and cruel conditions with no help in sight. It is thus hard to stop yourself from wondering “what if” and imagining what survival in the after-apocalyptic world would feel like.

Well, we have not been able to resist as well and have picked a few gadgets that we think could significantly improve your chances in the great outdoors, should things go really bad. And they would also be helpful if you ever plan to go on a survival tour to test your natural abilities.

GPS Navigation

Knowing your way around the area ia perfectly the greatest advantage you can have when left with no functioning structure. And, unless you have innate orientation sense, you will need some help to know where you are, where you are going and the best way to get there. Even if you are left without a moving vehicle, you will at least be able to establish the direction in which you want to move, even if it is in foot. There are plenty pf GPS devices on offer these days and having an extra one for the worst case scenario is not that much of a crazy idea.

For these and more conventional needs, we welcome you to visit our GPS Navigation Section.

Portable Solar Panels and Banks

Solar energy may be our true savior in the event of a catastrophe. And in a more optimistic scenario, solar gadgets are helpful tools in energy conservation and a great accessory for the big outdoors. A solar panel will absorb the sun rays that will can be converted into energy to power lots of other devices and a solar power bank will not only collect, but also help you keep this energy up to the moment you need to use it.In the fictional apocalyptic circumstances, solar energy could be a major component in rebuilding civilization and, simply, making it through a cold night.

Chinavasion, a firm believer in green technology, offers lots of solar gadgets for all sorts of needs right here.


Communication will also be in trouble in the time of the Apocalypse – especially as we got used to whatsapping each other every five minutes. Staying in touch with the group is a key to making it, if we have learned anything from all the apocalyptic series. When all networks are down, these simple devices may be all we could rely on for talking to each other a distance. Pessimistic thinking aside, a walkie-talkie is simply a cool toy to keep around the house and entertain house guests with upgraded hide-and-seek games. Check out this one right here, which can double as a rugged phone in the non-apocalyptic days.

Fish Finder

We now move on to provision and, after all the supermarkets have been raided and we need to rely on the nature for sustenance. And if we have to start getting our hands dirty and hunt for food – it’s better to find a smart way to do it. Fish Finder is a device that uses sonar waves to tell you the depth of this area of a water body and id there is fish in it. So while others are wasting time in the wrong spot, you will know exactly where the party is and will be able to “earn your keep” as a number one fisherman.

Haven’t heard about the gadget before? Check it out right here.

LED Flashlights

You can only go so far with torches and matches and having a consistent source of light would be a huge advantage. It would be smart to go with a rugged weatherproof flashlight and the one that could be mounted onto your clothing – so that you could keep your hands free. Some LED flashlights even come with add-ons, like a flashlight or a radio.

Feel free to browse through a few of them here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 7.3.2015. | 07:16
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  1. Ihsan March 14, 12:38

    Brilliant writeup Chinavasion. Now all I think I’ll need are some fishing rods : P

  2. Nieves March 15, 07:13

    apocalypsis measn no power for gps/ no reposition of batteries no sun light for solar panels thus the EENNDD

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