5 Strangest (and yet, surprisingly useful) Apps Ever

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.3.2015. | 23:02

We have all seen our share of weird applications for both Android and iOS – and this is actually a great thing. Diversity makes our digital lives much more exciting and gives us the ability to utter the ever-so-popular phrase “There’s an app for that!”

We have compiled a short list of applications, that in all their weirdness, seem to provide us with a handful of pretty useful features.

RunPee (Android)


The name of the app may suggest a lot of things, but the app is a must-have for movie-goers. What it does is suggest the best times for taking a break in the movie theater (if you need to go to the bathroom or make a snack run). You just type in the name of the movie you are about to watch as it starts and the app will suggest the most uneventful moments in the film, when you can do your things. Brilliant, isn’t it? You will also be able to quickly read the synopsis of what you have missed on your phone – which is a true gift to your friends, who will no longer have to deal with the annoying “what happened here?”

Crazy Cat (Android)

CrazyCat app

As you may have guessed by the name, Crazy Cat is a game. But not for you. It’s a gaming app entirely for your cat. The app features several cat-exciting setups, letting you companion chase mice, butterflies and lizards on the screen. The game will let you bond with the animal as well, as you will be put in charge of the critter that the cat is supposed to chase. Most cats react amazingly well to the game and seem to be genuinely entertained by a digital mouth hiding in the corners of your tablet.

Airpnp (iOS)


No, we did not misspell the name. Airpnp is a spin-off of the popular Airbnb application for renting apartments – only it rents out…toilets. Yes, if you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar area with no shopping malls or Starbucks to pop into for a bathroom break – the app will give you the information on the closest home owners, ready to let you use their bathroom – at a price, of course. The owners give rather detailed descriptions of their bathrooms – and you can take a shower, make full use of personal products, blow-dry your hair and even take a bubble bath.

Honey It’s Me (iOS)

Honey It's Me

The app, developed in South Korea, kind of lets you relive the scenario of a famous movie HER – and in a much more optimistic fashion. The developers put hard-working men with no time for socializing in the heart of their project and came up with the idea of a virtual girlfriend – who will text you, ask about your day and plans for the weekend. You can call her and even video call her at any time during the day – and she will always come to the phone. You may be intrigued or creeped out by the idea, but, let’s admit, it has earned its rightful place on the strange apps list.

Get Human (Android)


The app actually offers a highly useful service and the strange part comes in with the fact that we have to use an app to get this done. Get Human lets you find the best phone numbers, emails and other contact details for talking to customer service representatives of various companies and bypassing being put on hold or talking to robots. It goes without saying that the application aims to save you lots of time and as the developers put it – is built “for consumers by consumers”.

Haircaster (iOS)


This one is for the ladies. Let’s admit it, most of the times when we check the weather forecast, all we care about is what the weather conditions will do to our hair. So it’s high time someone went past the middle man and just started offering us daily forecasts for hair care. Haircast will ask you to describe your hair type and will then give you recommendations on what to do with your hair according to the current weather conditions.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.3.2015. | 23:02
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