Picking the Right Fitness Tracker for You

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.3.2015. | 15:14

With so many fitness bands available on the market there’s plenty of options to choose from but working out which is the best one for your needs can be something of a headache. To help you decide we thought we would provide you a few tips to simplify things and compare some of our most popular models for you.

The main factors that go into making a good fitness tracker are as follows. Does it look good? If not then chances are you won’t want to wear it. You should also consider the following, how long can it last on one charge? Does it count steps and can it also calculate other activities? Has it got a heart rate monitor? Can it monitor your sleep? Will it tell you the time? Does it have a stopwatch? How easy is it to use?

In this article we will cover a number of fit bands and let you know how they perform in these areas so you can get an idea of exactly which one is best for you.


The Otium Shine smart bracelet is very minimalist and can be worn on your wrist or discreetly on your clothing by using the accompanying magnetic clasp. Looking like a mini flying saucer it can be used by syncing to your Smartphone and works with both Android and iOS devices. Running on easy-to-buy CR2032 batteries it will last around 4 months, so unlike most of the competition charging it isn’t a problem . It’s IPX7 water resistant so you can take it in the shower or with you when you go swimming and the polyurethane strap is comfy to wear. The accompanying app for your Smartphone lets you easily track running, walking, cycling and swimming. It can also let you monitor your sleep. If you regularly participate in a variety of activities and want more than just a tracker for your jogs then this devices would be ideal. While it doesn’t have a heart rate monitor or a stopwatch it can tell you the time and for around $40 you get a very versatile device that’s light, fashionable and easy to use.



Next up we have the DIGICare ERI sports tracker, which unlike the OTIUM has a mini OLED to display the time and other important information. It has a simple yet stylish design and comes in a few different colors so you can select the one that’s right for you. With an IP67 rating it is not afraid of the water and can monitor your movement for different activities so whether it’s a swim, a bike ride or a jog, this bracelet can trace your moments and provide valuable data such as the number of calories spent. A sleep monitor function is also there to ensure you get quality rest and with 10 days of battery life it doesn’t need constant charging.

It’s compatible with most iOS devices and a range of Android phones. Once synced with your Smartphone or tablet you can use the free app to display distance traveled, calories burned and the activities duration, it can even tell you your skin temperature so you don’t over-heat. A nice touch is the wake up function that that can be set to peacefully wake you by vibrating the device at the desired time without disturbing everyone around you. If you would like to keep appraised for any messages or calls while you exercise then the DIGICare can do that by displaying the appropriate icon on its screen so you know if you have an incoming call, messages or e-mail.

Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch


If you’re a dedicated athlete then you will most likely want to keep track of your heart rate as you exercise. This watch is able to track your exercise and measure heart rate as well as do everything you would expect from a normal watch. It has a stopwatch function so you can time your runs or workout sessions and with Bluetooth it can also keep tabs on your Smartphone so you are alerted to any incoming call, ensuring they don’t go unnoticed.

A pedometer will track and measure movement and will display it all on your wrist. Unlike other devices this tracker can work independently and doesn’t need any phone support so all the health data is stored directly onto this device meaning you can leave everything else behind as you exercise. With all this info on your wrist you can easily track your health as you exercise and with a usage time of about 1 month you get plenty of use from each charge, which only takes 4 hours or so.

‘SmartFit’ Bluetooth Sports Smart Watch


If you really can’t go without your Smartphone and want to be kept appraised of all updates as you work out then this next option may be just the thing. The ‘SmartFit’ is a watch with a difference because while the pedometer will be able to track your actions and calories burned the Bluetooth support can be used to inform you of missed calls and lets you receive updates from your phone. Incoming messages and even updates from social media such as Facebook and Twitter will be sent directly to your wrist so you needed keep checking your phone throughout the day. It has all the usual phone functions and can also control the music on your phone or even listen to the radio as you work out. A 450mAh battery lets it stay in standby for up to 100 hours or provide about 6 hours of usage time so it may need charging more frequently than the other devices listed but brings with it a much more social aspect.   Working with Android devices only is a small drawback but coming in at about $75 it’s an attractive and convenient way to work out without neglecting communications, great for the social butterflies among you.

Vidonn X5


A great option and available in Red or Black is the Vidonn X5, with a similar design to the DIGICare you can track movement with ease using the built in pedometer and the addition of a 3D motion sensor ensures a great level of accuracy is achieved. If you’re an avid runner then this waterproof device is ideal and the OLED screen makes it easy to read the time, distance and calories used and also measure sleep quality. Using low energy Bluetooth 4.0 that lets the device run for 72 hours in standby and with a 15 minute charge time you don’t have to worry about it running out of power. The smart wrist band app can be used in conjunction with this fitness tracker to sync it to your Smartphone and you can upload all your activity data to a smart device or desktop computer. This ability gives you all the information required to track you activates over time, letting you plan runs and monitor your progress in preparation for that next big race which is a real treat and fun to use.

As you can see there is a range of devices that cater for all walks, whether its tracking your daily steps to improve health, preparing for a marathon run, or taking your progress in a range of activities you can find a device that’s built for your needs.

For a full range of Fitness and activity trackers as well as smart watches go to Chinavasion where there is a wide range of choices at wholesale prices.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.3.2015. | 15:14
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