4 Kick Ass Ruggged Phone Features

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.3.2015. | 05:59
AGM 5S Rugged Phone - 4G, IP67 Rating, 5 Inch 1280x720 Display, Android 4.4 OS, MSM8926 1.2GHz Quad Core CPU (Golden)

The phone pictured above is the AGM 5S Rugged Phone.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a smartphone and most of them are quite personal. Do you want a big screen or a small one? A thin and sleek device or a longer battery life? An expensive phone to show off to your friends or something simpler to make occasional phone calls? The answers to all of there questions are entirely up to you. What we’d like to focus on in this post is a very special kind of phone, which could be a perfect for you, depending on a number of factors.

Rugged phones have been around for quite some time and are mostly favored by the fans of extreme sports, workplaces or lifestyles. However, they may also be great problem solvers for those of us who are, well, let’s say, not too good with technology. So if your last phone has suffered a rather unattractive death, you may also be in the market for a rugged device. In the post below we will take a closer look at some of the benefits of rugged phones to help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

Surely, a number of features your potential rugged phone will come with depends on the make and model that you go for. However, there is a sturdy set of features that makes a phone rugged in the first place.

1. Dust Resistance

iMAN V3 Android 4.4 Rugged Phone - 4 Inch OGS Screen, Quad Core CPU, IP68 Waterproof + Dust Proof Rating, Shockproof (Orange)

The phone pictured above is the iMAN V3 Android 4.4 Rugged Phone, which has an incredible IP68 dust proof + waterproof rating.

You may think your phone will never be out of use long enough to get dusty – but it’s not exactly so. Whenever our phones are in use, small pieces of debris can enter our devices and cause serious system problems overtime. Surely, this problem is much more pressing if you have a job that creates a debris-friendly environment, like construction work. But even in our everyday escapades, like going to the beach, a rugged phone will not mind being tossed on the sand, whereas your new iPhone may not be as happy to comply.


2. Water Resistance

Since we did mention the beach, this seemed like a logical next benefit to mention. One of the biggest selling points of rugged phones is water resistance. Taking pictures by the beach or on a boat trip will all be possible thanks to the extra effort taken by the manufacturers to make the phones resistant to water. This feature is greatly appreciated by water sports lovers, but can also come in handy in a simple homey situation. If you have ever dropped your phone into a bathtub while talking a bubble bath, accidentally splashed it with soapy water while doing the dishes or have spilled morning coffee all over the screen (and especially if you have experience all three) – you may truly appreciate this feature.

Runbo Q5 Rugged Smartphone - IP67 Waterproof Rating, Quad Core 1.5GHz CPU, 32GB Memory, Gorilla Glass (Black)

The phone pictured above is the Runbo Q5 Rugged Smartphone with an IP67 waterproof + dust proof rating.


3. Temperature Resistance

Some rugged models feature temperature resistance. This is a suitable feature to have if you spend long hours outside and in a climate that is either too sunny or too humid. Strong direct sun rays and hot temperatures can harm your phone’s screen and overheat the whole device, while humidity comes with its own set of potential system issues. So if you have experienced temperature-related issues with your previous phone models, a temperature-resistant rugged phone may be a nice alternative.


The phone pictures above is the Android Rugged Smartphone ‘Ox II’.


4.Shock Resistance

Maybe, there are people who have never dropped their phones – ever – but this does seem very hard to believe. It may all come down to how your phone takes the fall – some can be dropped quite a few times with no major consequences, while others… A rugged phone can definitely take harder falls than your standard smartphone – and you will have it back with the screen intact.

Uphone U5+ IP67 Smartphone - 3.5 Inch Display,1.3GHz Dual Core CPU, Dust proof, Waterproof, Shockproof, Dual SIM Slot (Green)

The phone pictured above is the Uphone U5+ IP67 Smartphone, which is shockproof.


With all the benefits listed above, there are surely a few things that you would have to give up to make up for all this safety. A rugged phone will surely not be as thin and sleek as a top-end smartphone and may not come with such a big array of features, as you have come to expect from a smartphone.  And these are also things to consider when making your decision.

Some users may also prefer the option of purchasing a special case for a regular smartphone, that would add some of the above features, like shock and water resistance to the device. Rugged casing is a good option if want to keep your feature-rich phone, while still grabbing a few safety benefits. A few problems with that may be that your phone may not feel as light and small as it used to once you put it in a protective case and you may also find it hard to operate certain functions, like the camera or side controls – or at least find their operation less convenient.

The biggest idea at stake here is simple: safety versus convenience. By weighing a number of factors, like your lifestyle, working environment, phone habits and needs, we hope you can make a balanced decision.

If a rugged phone idea has caught your attention, we are happy to see you browsing through our rugged phone section here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.3.2015. | 05:59
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