4 Android Apps For Offline Use

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We have all got excited about Google Maps offering us some offline help and it’s become even more evident how important it is to be well-prepared for the time when we don’t have Internet access. If you feel that the usability of your phone drops sharply with the disappearance of a Wi-Fi network, you may find it useful to take a look at our list of Android applications for offline use.

We mostly find ourselves offline when we are in between destinations – so quite a few of these apps may come with a travel-friendly component.


Pocket app

We start off with an already popular offline application – but the one, we believe, is an absolute must to get your smartphone offline-friendly. Say, you are browsing through the Internet, like you always are, and come across an interesting article, video or any other content. Unfortunately, you don’t have the opportunity to give it the needed time and attention right away, but would love to read into it later. Pocket helps you save these jewels of information for offline use and get to them when you have all the time in the world – like on board the plane or while waiting for an appointment in a venue with absent Wi-Fi.

Offline Dictionaries

Offline Dictionaries

If we return to the traveling theme, one of the most important things to have handy is a dictionary. When you don’t understand what’s going on around you or cannot ask the necessary questions, you can feel pretty stressed. True, a simple dictionary may not solve all of your communication questions, but it will at least help you get your main idea across, buy the needed things in the shop or explain what kind of medicine you are looking for in a drug store. Offline Dictionaries let you pick and download the necessary dictionaries to your SD card. You will have a selection of over 50 multi-lingual dictionaries, covering the most widespread languages needed for travel: English, Russian, French, Arabic, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian and more.

Fire Chat

Fire Chat

Chatting via a phone with no connection may seem improbable and we have come to associate any kind of messenger and social media apps with Internet. However, Fire Chat has taken a different approach and allowed us to chat over a Bluetooth connection. Yes, you may say that this kind of chatting is too location-based and you won’t be able to talk to your American friends from Spain. But, if you are stranded in a hotel with no Internet or something has happened to the network in your own house – you can still send messages to people around you via Fire Chat. An interesting fact is the app was widely used in Hong Kong when the network went down during social disturbances.

Wi-Fi Finder


Sometimes there is no point in beating around the bush. There are situations when our Wi-Fi needs just can’t be ignored and we simply need a connection to send out an email or make that urgent post in Instagram. Surely, you can always use 3G or 4G for the task, but if you are in a foreign country – the costs of that could be exorbitant. Wi-Fi Finder is a free app that will help you locate Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world. It is a really helpfulone to have, especially when traveling in a foreign country. It will save you the unfortunate walk-ins into local restaurants – when upon ordering an expensive dish you discover that their Wi-Fi is not working today.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.3.2015. | 03:28
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