Android Factory Reset Guide For Smartphones & Tablets

Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.3.2015. | 08:01

Factory Reset

As much as some of us may dread is, Factory Reset is something inevitable for most of us. Whether it is the performance problems or the need to sell your device that are pushing you towards the unknown – a day will come when you will have to face Factory Reset. We though this interaction could go on much friendlier terms if we got to know it and the reasons for it a bit closer.

So what are the basic reasons for doing a factory reset?

Noticing the slowdown on your home screen may be a first, and yet major, sign of trouble. If you feel that things are taking way longer than they used to, your screen freezes frequently or becomes unresponsive – you will reasonably start to wonder if something bad is going on and you will probably be right. With Android versions from 2.2 things should be going swimmingly and you should not be experiencing these kinds of problems. So what could be the reason?

This could be a problem with one of your apps or widgets. Perhaps there is one of them that’s close to crashing and is slowing down the whole device? In that case – yes, it would be easier to just get rid of the culprit application than to restart your whole system.

But if you feel there is no one single app to blame and you keep experiencing the same issues – a reset may save the day.

Another sign that your phone may be asking for a reset is application launch time. If it seems to be taking longer than usual for several of your apps to launch, you may also consider resetting your phone for better performance.

What we meant to show by the two simple examples above is that it is highly helpful to pay attention to the changes in your system and not let your device get sluggish. And if you have noticed any decrease in performance – write it down and research for a way to get it fixed, a quick search on the internet could find you a less drastic solution than a reset.

How will a factory reset help?

A factory reset is a way to solve a number of data-related problems, like the ones we have mentioned earlier. If you believe that your device has become slow, glitchy or freezes frequently and suspect that this problem may be data-related – a factory reset should get rid of the nuisance causing part and get your smartphone running like new again.

When you perform a factory reset – all your user data will be deleted. This is something to think about and get ready for: with manual backup operations or applications that will store your data on the cloud. By user data here we mean applications, call logs, messages, photos – or basically anything that you have personally put into the device’s memory. Note that the SDCard is not affected by a reset and the data stored there will remain intact.

If your phone is rooted or you have a custom ROM installed – the reset will take your personal data and cache, but will not mess with the system part. That means that you will see the same custom ROM on your smartphone after the reset.

Practically all smartphone models make the process of a Factory Reset straightforward and easy and you will easily locate the related button under your Settings menu. The decision on whether it is worth resetting your phone is purely yours and you may want to visit a few forums and discussion boards to hear reviews on how a reset has gone down for users with the same model. In most cases, everything goes down smoothly and you get yourself a renewed device at zero cost. But, and we can not stress this enough, make sure you do the backup work. whether that’s to a cloud storage, micro SD card or with software on your computer it needs to be backed up if you don’t want to lose it.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 4.3.2015. | 08:01
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  1. Imraz March 24, 05:16

    This article helped me to solve a screen freeze problem

  2. crb370981954 March 24, 10:25

    I have had to use the reset button several times and it straightened out my iPad.

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