Why Should I Get A Smart Watch?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.3.2015. | 07:00

Smart Watch

In anticipation of Apple Smartwatch release, there’s been a lot of talk on the subject of smart watches in general and whether they are useful gadgets to have or just a recent technological whim with no particular purpose. There are lots of arguments for both cases and lots of discussions and even debate happening on forums.

It’s entirely up to you whether you would like to have a smart watch on your wrist and what you think about its effect on your life, comfort, productivity and trendiness. We would like, however, to go over a few reasons for why smart watches have come into existence – and if you still haven’t got you hands on the device – get you ready for what to expect (or, in all objectivity, not to expect).

So why do we get smart watches?

We want to be notified

The first reason that comes to mind with distinguished confidence is notifications. Yes, with smaller smart devices, it is all about notifications. These handy little messages can keep us informed. Sure, you can get notifications on your smartphone in much the same manner – but having them right there on your wrist brings down the chances of missing an important phone call or message. A significantly smaller smart watch screen will also make your notifications more prominent, as it will basically take over the central stage, making it almost impossible to miss them.

We want to cut down on smartphone use

This may sound as not quite such a drastic change – going from one electronic device to another – but it may actually work. Our dependence on smartphones has been discussed (and criticized) plenty of times – and smart watches may well give us at least a chance of a way out. Smart watch owners do not have to take their phones out as often as the rest of us and at least appear to be battling the addiction.

We want to be discreet

Looking at your phone in certain situations may have you looking impolite, inconsiderate or just plain rude. Yes, you may be waiting for the most important call or message of your life, but neither your boss nor you date will appreciate you stealing glances at your phone in the middle of the conversation. So when you are in a meeting, at the theater, giving a presentation or just hanging out with family and friends, a smart watch may be a more appropriate gadget to keep in view.

We want more functionality in traditional gadgets

If you are used to wearing watches and do not think that smartphones or other devices have replaced them in time telling, you may want to add a bit of functionality to the traditional accessory. So, in addition to just being able to tell time, you will get all your notifications, heart rate, pedometer and more, depending on the model.

We want more interaction

Compared to a traditional timepiece, a smart watch offers you much more in terms of interaction, user interface, applications, upgrades and customization. You will be able to switch between watch faces, get later software versions, change backgrounds and styles, have fun with applications and maybe even test your developer skills by designing a few (applications) yourself.

These are just a few “pro” factors for getting a smart watch and, as the gadgets are becoming more and more affordable, you might as well give it a try. However, if you don’t feel that a smart watch will bring too much of an improvement to your life at this moment – do stay tuned. The future of the industry is sure to bring more ideas, upgrades and functionality to keep you watching the smart watch.

Feel like checking out a few nice smart watch devices? We have you covered in our Smart Watch Section right here at Chinavasion.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.3.2015. | 07:00
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    I cant wate for my order to come i had pager watch back in the day and a phone watch befor there was smart phone now i gat to haven a smart watch there shiping suck doe

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