Ecommerce Leader Chinavasion Celebrates The First Anniversary Of ‘PIPUM’ Pictures, Introduces ‘OFS’ Photos

Author xlxmarketing 16.1.2010. | 15:23

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While we don’t like to brag one year ago some very bright catalog specialists and photographers here at Chinavasion revolutionized the face of gadget product photography in China.

The image format of PIPUM (Picture In Picture Use Modeling) was launched and customers and customers’ customers were instantly able to see instantly see what interacting the device would be like, simply by viewing one picture.


The Super Range Wireless Button Spy Camera With Microphone, the product that first featured this picture enjoyed record click through rates and sales figures and a new style was born, one that would give ecommmerce operators everywhere the ability to give potential customers a deep understanding of the item they wanted to sell without multiple images and WITHOUT resource-sucking flash and video.

But that’s unsurprising considering that we have always been on the forefront of ecommerce product presentation here in China. We also launched the PIPIM (Picture In Picture Icon Modeling) style photo at the same time.


By using icons on our main search picture our customers and their customers were able to instantly see what the gadget was capable of and what type of systems it would work with.

It’s developments like these that have kept us at the forefront of ecommerce in China and globally, and makes our images so popular with dropshippers and competitors alike. Expect 2010 to be full of just as many developments with two early ones being the LCP (Labeled Contents Picture) and OFS (Overall Function Snapshot) pictures.

LCP copy 2

OFS copy

So stay tuned to the Chinavasion page and watch us as we continue to change the world of wholesale electronics and China ecommerce.

Author xlxmarketing 16.1.2010. | 15:23
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  1. manuel garcia January 20, 20:18

    hola .
    estoy enfadado con ebay y quisiera que me dijesen un sitio de venta bueno para españa o en español y que realmente sea bueno ,por la experiencia que ustedes tienen en el sector .
    creo que ebay esta muy prepotente y seria bueno que nos diesemos cuenta de que vender en este sitio es muy caro .
    gracias y espero noticias

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