Chinavasion Presents: 4 Fun Accessories For Music Lovers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.2.2015. | 17:42

We may love different types of music – but there is hardly anyone who would be able to stay completely indifferent to a nice tune of their liking. There are many different ways to listen to music: you can have your speakers on to blast music all over the house or pick up a pair of headphones for a more private experience. What we are getting at is that the way you choose to listen to music may be as private and personal as the choice of music itself –and so is your choice of other musical gadgets. What we will talk about in this post are a few of them that can help you feel like a musician and, perhaps, see your favourite tracks in an entirely new way.

Electric Rock Guitar T-Shirt “Guitar Zero”


“Guitar Zero” T-Shirt could make a great gift for any rock music lover. There is something about rock music and T-Shirts – they seem to go perfectly well with each other. Add to that a fun gadgetry component – and you have yourself a fun gift idea for any rocking occasion. So what’s so special about the T-Shirt? The piece of clothing comes with a built-in playable guitar, featuring 12 chords, as well as tone and volume controls. You may (or the lucky recipient of the gift) may not become the next Jimmie Hendrix, but you will surely have lots of fun trying to.

Electronic Piano Gloves with Musical Fingertips


If you or your kids are thinking about trying out an instrument, but are not sure what to choose – you may have lots of fun with Piano Gloves. Do not let the name fool you, as with the gloves you can explore 8 distinct instruments and decide for yourself which tunes find the most response in you and which instruments you believe you have the potential of mastering. So you can actually do some pretty fun research before investing in buying a musical instrument, like a piano.

Bobble Beanie Hat with Braided Earflaps and Built-in Headphones


Like we said before, there are plenty of ways to listen to music. However, a Bobble Beanie Hat may not be the first thing that comes to mind – and that’s what makes it great. The hat would make a fun surprise gift for anyone dealing with boredom and cold weather, as it comes with built-in high quality stereo headphones and will keep your ears warm and protected from cold winds. The hat would speak to anyone with an exploratory fashion nature or an appreciator of functional accessories.

Electronic Rock Beat Rhythm Drum Sticks


Being a drummer may well be one of the coolest things in music. Whenever we look at bands performing in stage, it is the drummers who seem to have that ever so enticing dangerous image that we all can’t dread of recreating in real life. Being drummer (at least to your family and friends) will be much easier if you have Electronic Rock Beat Rhythm Drum Sticks. Once again, this small and very affordable gadget could help you slowly work your way into music without committing to having the real instrument installed in your apartment. How do they work? Just play any track of your liking and bang the sticks in rhythm with the song. You will be able to change between drum sounds and even put on a mini-LED light show, which makes the gadget a pretty nice party toy.

For more fun gadgets or geek gift ideas, we welcome you to visit our aptly named Geek Gifts section, where you can find all of the above (and more) at wholesale prices and a reassuring one-year warranty.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 28.2.2015. | 17:42
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