How To Improve Your Pictures With A Selfie-Stick

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.2.2015. | 05:36


With a recent addition to Chinavasion’s product family – a Cofly Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick, we thought it was high time to fully indulge in the selfie phenomenon and share a few tricks on how to take cool pictures with the help of a selfie stick and simply a few additional ways on how you can make this seemingly simple device useful.

As a gadget, a selfie stick is, quite obviously, a good way to make your self-photos better and a tad less artificial. So, whereas before the quality of your photo self-portrait largely depended on how long your arm is, these days you can make all sorts of magic happen without turning yourself into an orangutan.

The device first came about from the extreme sports fans – as a better way to get all their events recorded. But the clever idea quickly gained momentum and poured into the boring everyday of our lives, making them instantly more interesting and eventful. So the next time you are making fun of a group of guys taking out their selfie sticks in public – think again. Perhaps, there is more to this popular invention than the first impression suggests.

What are the biggest benefits of using a selfie stick when compared to a standard photo?

First, you will be able to get much more of a landscape into your photo than with a traditional selfie-taking way. So you can finally get that Eiffel Tower in the background without leaning to the side or getting only half of your face into the picture.

Second, you can make a mono-selfie into a multi-selfie by getting all of your friends and family into the picture, crushing the stereotype that selfies are for self-obsessed egoists.

Third (which, perhaps, should have been first), is using the selfie stick for its original purpose – sports. You can get a better angle for recording your skateboard tricks or your jump with a parachute with a selfie stick and see why the device came into being in the first place.

Fourth, and this is something most women will appreciate, a photo done with the help of a selfie stick lets you get all your outfit into the frame. So you will no longer have to choose between leaving out your new carefully chosen shoes or a hat from the recent designer collection – all of these items can happily have their place in your Instagram picture.

Fifth, you many not be into selfies at all. All you could be doing is traveling alone though a nice and interesting city and want to have a few digital souvenirs of that. Asking passers-by to take your picture next to every attraction is annoying to the passers-by and quite embarrassing to you – not to mention a bit risky if one of the people you stop on the street may take too much to your new fancy smartphone. A way to avoid that, yet again, is attaching your phone to a selfie stick and happily roaming the city, taking as many pictures as you want – completely guilt and problem-free.

Last but not least, a selfie stick, as ironic as it may sound, offers us a perfectly good way to take a picture of ourselves with no one ever knowing it was a selfie. You can be thoughtfully staring into the sunset, contemplating the length of your next meditation, while at the same time posing for a selfie (!) taking with the help of a selfie stick. No more embarrassing shots with your extended hand showing in the picture or running for your life before the camera timer is out. Take a deep breath, relax and take a selfie!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 27.2.2015. | 05:36
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  1. Wanda Muise March 24, 01:50

    I was always curious about the stick and now I know. I would like to know how much it weighs and if it is hard to hold it up with one arm to take the picture? I have bad shoulders so the weight of the selfie stick is very important o me.

  2. Alexey Taskaev April 13, 00:13

    Wanda, at the beginning of article there is a link on Selfie Monopod, together with phone 250-300 grams weigh, one hand easily keeps!

  3. Maria May 21, 20:46

    What is the material used by this selfie stick? It does not look like stainless steel.

  4. apk November 28, 17:40

    Your blog is really exciting and inspiration to several. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject

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