4 Apps To Occupy Yourself On A Long Journey

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.2.2015. | 20:09

From time to time we all have to make trips that are not as exciting as a road trip across the country or a bike tour through Provence. Some journeys are long, simple and, quite frankly, boring. You may be stuck on a train or plane with no on-board entertainment, waiting for your connecting flight or simply have nothing to do for an extended period of time. In this case, there may be several ways to make your time worthwhile. You can entertain yourself with a fun game, pick up a few new things, learn several words of a new language or have a chat with a friend. In this post, we’ll give you a brief intro of the Android apps that we have found most efficient in time killing – in the best sense of the expression.

Two Dots


You have probably played the game already, but it’s still one of the best (and not completely silliest) ways to pass the time and not be left with the dreadful feeling that you could have been doing something else. The game made quite a name for itself on IOS and was released on Android not too long ago. It’s simple and quiet – in a way that you won’t have to make wild hand gestures, wear headphones or blow on the screen – which, in turn, makes it a perfect game for playing in a crowded space or even office. The plot of the game is very simple and we will not go into detail explaining it here. But all you have to know is that the game is a fun and addictive brain teaser.



We’ve already mentioned Pocket in a few travel-related blog posts, as it simply fits in well as a way to catch up on all your reading. The aptly named app lets you save any interesting online content that you come across on the web for later offline use. So, let’s say you found an interesting blog post on Chinavasion but do not have the time to indulge in it at the moment. With Pocket you’ll be able to easily save it as a later offline read – when you have the gift of time, but not the gift of Wi-Fi.

XKCD Viewer


You may be a fan of comics, or you may not be one. But you have to admit that while on the road, they can be a brief, easy-to-read and yet informative source of news and updates. Fire up XKCD viewer on your smartphone and you will instantly see the most recent available comic strip. Scroll forward and you will be introduced to other ones. You can move from comic to comic in a sequence, or roll the dice (literally there is a “dice” icon at the top of the app) to get a random suggestion.

Adobe Ideas


Adobe Ideas is an app on the creative side. It lets you use the extra time to doodle in the digital notebook with vector-based tools and work with 10 drawing layers. You will also have a few Photoshop-similar features. You can create your own works or draw over a photo and save your best works or email them to your friends, or yourself for future editing. Adobe Ideas is a fun app if you are interested in exploring your creative side, but may not be ready for a professional drawing or photo editing tool.

We hope that with this small selection you won’t feel bored when you are standing in your next line or waiting at the railway station. And if you are still looking for a device to get all those wonderful apps onto – we whole-heartedly invite you to visit our Android Phone section here. To get the most form your device why not check out our helpful Apps and Software blogs.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.2.2015. | 20:09
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