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Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.2.2015. | 03:16

Just several years back, going to the movies for a 3D film was something extraordinary. These days, we have moved on to having that experience in the privacy of our own houses. Having a home theatre is no longer a dream – but just a question of choosing the right equipment. You can even build a mini-version of it and take it wherever you go to enjoy first-class entertainment on the go. In this post, we’ll talk about 3D virtual glasses for which you won’t have to go to the theatre. Here are a few sets that can significantly improve your viewing experience. And, what’s more – you can get all of each and every one of them at wholesale prices (even for retail quantities).

3D Virtual Screen Video Glasses


We are starting off with a virtual theatre experience that you can take anywhere – portable 3D Vidual Glasses that will project all your favourite movies onto a 98-inch virtual screen and in full HD. You can load up your movie collection onto the 8Gb flash card and enjoy your movies on the plane, train, outside in the park and more – practically, anywhere you choose to. This set would be perfect for anyone who moves around a lot and would like to make a better use of the time lost in travel. The glasses can fit into your handbag and you will be practically carrying a TV anywhere you go.

98 Inch 2D/3D Virtual Video Glasses


Next on the list are these 2D and 3D Virtual Glasses, sporting a bright-colored exterior and an interior that will amaze you on the feature side. The glasses may look like your average glamorous accessory – but they are as powerful on the inside as  they are pretty on the outside. In addition to all the movie-watching you will be able to indulge in, you will also have Android 4.4 system at your service. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to connect to Wi-Fi and surf the web on the browser of your choice, from Opera to Dolphin, and have fun with all other features of the powerful Android operating system.

3D Video Glasses for PC “Nebula”


With all the cool huge-screen TVs out there, sometimes there is nothing better than watching a movie on your computer. And sometimes, you may simply have no choice. Whatever the case is, “Nebula” video glasses for PC can make your movie watching time a tad more exciting, Simply plug them in and enjoy a whole new way of watching a movie on your laptop: with a 98-inch virtual screen, cinema-quality surround sound and both 2D and 3D options available. And since you are already on your PC – why not indulge in some virtual reality gaming?

Davyci Virtual Reality 3D Glasses


If you spend lots of time with your smartphone, nothing is stopping you from watching a movie on it too. Davyci Virtual Reality 3D Glasses have been specifically designed to work with smartphones and offer you an IMAX-style experience when it comes to movies. Just as with the previous set, you can use the glasses to watch movies in 3D and play mobile games. The glasses are easy to carry around and have an adjustable strap to hold them in place if you feel like falling asleep to a movie. 

DIY 3D Google Cardboard Glasses


If you are looking for a custom-made experience – literally – you will have the time of your life making your virtual 3D glasses with Cardboard Google Glasses Kit. Inside the kit, you will find everything you need to assemble your very own pair of glasses. The work should take no longer than 3 minutes but the satisfaction you’ll get from holding you own gadget creation is by no means little.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 25.2.2015. | 03:16
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  1. Lauren March 20, 02:15

    Thanks for sharing these different options of 3D virtual glasses. The DIY cardboard kit is awesome!

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