How To Choose A Security Camera For Your Home Or Office

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We all like to believe that scary stuff happens only on TV. But these days taking a few extra steps to protect your family and your business is easier than ever – and it will rid you of the worried voice in your head asking “what if?”.

We now have numerous ways in which we can protect our houses, apartments and offices, and it all comes down to choosing the system that fits you best.

There are many components to a secure house or office, but for this post let’s look in more detail at surveillance cameras.

First, think about how many cameras you want in your house – which will naturally depend on the type of your property.

A Bullet Or A Dome?

Think about the shape of the camera you want – it may be a stylistic or a more practical consideration that will guide you in this case. A dome camera is easily fitted indoors and can be quite discreet – as well as not interfere with your interior design. Another option is a bullet camera (the one with a rectangular shape). This type is much more overt and will become an obvious design element in your house or, if placed outdoors, can act as a deterrent to intruders and burglars.

Wired Or Wireless?

The next thing to think about is whether you want your camera to be wired or wireless. A wireless camera will offer you more freedom, as it can be placed almost anywhere and you won’t have to worry about fiddling with cables or looking for the easiest way to place them in the house. Improved signal security has also made wireless connection has become much safer than before.

A wired camera will require some extra work, compared to a wireless one, as you will have to arrange the accompanying cables. But it will also come with a more stable connection and video signal, as will it be transmitted via a cord and not through the air.

Fixed Or Panoramic View?

What are you getting your camera for? What we mean here is – would you like it to be fixed on a specific area or give yourself the option to look around? If you are looking for a fixed view – for instance, of your entrance or driveway, then feel free to go with a standard fixed camera. However, if you prefer the second option and would like to have some remote control over what your camera is pointing at, you will need a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, or PTZ for short. With a PTZ camera you will have a wide range of movement, both horizontal and vertical, as well as the ability to control the zoom.

Day Or Night?

The next thing to consider is light. You can have a camera with low light or the one with bright light. If you are planning to survey well-lit areas or only need the visual during daytime – you may choose pretty much any camera. Areas with dim light or night surveillance require some special attention and you will need to look for cameras labeled “Night” specifically or the ones with low-light compatibility.

Image Quality

Last, but definitely not least, you should mind the image quality. Lots of home and outdoor surveillance videos are unusable by law enforcement agencies – all due to poor video quality. Of course, it depends on your intended use – but having the option of using your footage, should it come to this unfortunate situation – is an important one to have. Look for cameras with reduced noise and low motion blur, as well as higher number of frames per second.


We are happy to help you make a good choice and welcome you to browse our selection of surveillance cameras here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.2.2015. | 07:08
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  1. Boudier March 14, 16:09

    thank you. But don’t forget the CPL connexion.

  2. Rosetta Garcillano February 9, 08:36

    Those were good tips. It actually is important to know the right kind of security camera you should use that fits well on the needs of your home or business establishment. is were I got our home security system and it is really good!

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