Helpful Phone Tips and Shortcuts For Android Users

Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.2.2015. | 01:07

Quick Tips For Android

We all think we know all there is to know about our phones – and it may well be true – for the most part. From time to time we may still discover a few new tricks and tweaks in the system, whether from friends, blogs or by accident –and no matter how small they are – they are great ways in which we can make our Android life easier.

So let’s go over a few helpful little tips (that you may or may not know) that can make you love your phone just a little bit more (if that is possible).

We start off with a little typing tip that can save you a few seconds. If you need to use a currency symbol that is different from the ever-so-popular dollar one (like a yen or a pound) – all you have to do on Android phone is long press the dollar symbol button and you will see a selection of other symbols to choose from: Euro, Pound, Chinese Yuan and others.

Another small typing tip is that you can double-tap the shift button on your keyboard to start typing in all capitals.

One more keyboard shortcut (for Android stock keyboard) is the period key. Try long pressing it and you will see a whole array of most popular symbols show up, letting you choose right away without the need to switch between keyboards.

If you have run into the habit of overspending when it comes to mobile Internet and data – you can easily set yourself a limit. Just go to Settings>Data Usage. You will see a graph with an orange line running through it. Just drag it to the monthly quota indications you want to keep to – from now on you will be alerted when the limit has been reached.

Get lots of unwanted calls? That can be solved pretty quickly as well. If you don’t feel like dealing with certain people – you can send their calls straight to voicemail. Just find the annoying contact in your contact list and tap on the three menu dots. Go down and you will see “Add to reject list”. Tap on the button and you will not have to talk to any unwanted callers anymore.

We are used to always adding things to out phones. But what if you want to go the minimalistic way ad actually disable some? You may start by turning off the phone’s animations. For that, you will have to enable Developer Mode. For that you will have to go to Settings>About Device and tap on Build Number 7 times to enable the mode. One that is done you will see Developer Options under the Settings menu. Look for Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale and Animation Duration Scale and turn them off. There you go, you have successfully disabled animations on your phone.

Worried about your Google Account information security? There is a way to make the sign-in process even safer – with the help of Google Authenticator.

With Google Authenticator you will have to go through a two-step verification process. So if you are signing into your Gmail account, for example, from another computer, in addition to your regular password, you will have to enter an additional code, generated by the app on your smartphone.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 24.2.2015. | 01:07
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