Know What’s Coming With These Future Predicting Apps For Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.4.2015. | 18:31

You may believe in fortune-telling or you may think it’s all just a giant scam. But few of us can resist reading an online horoscope from time to time or glancing at a palm reader as we walk down a crowded street. Getting a glimpse of what’s to come is intriguing and exciting, even if it may be far from the actual future happenings. We are always eager to get a peak of our life a few years from now and, even with perfect skepticism in mind, often read into future predictions with optimism and hope for the best.

If the Chinese New Year has inspired you to look into your fate with more detail, here are a few Android applications to help satisfy your cravings.

Genuine Fortune-Telling TARO

Fortune Telling

When we think about fortune telling, cards come up kind of by themselves.

If you are a fan of the classics, even when it comes to mystics, fortune-telling with TARO cards, even if it is digital, may be your cup of tea. The app features various sorts of card spreads and will help you interpret the meanings of the ones you pull out, if you are unfamiliar with TARO settings and layouts. And if you are looking for a way to learn about TARO interpretation, the app can also be your helpful guide, making sure you will get the hang of it in just a few readings – enough ti impress your friends at the next home party.

The Amazing Fortune Teller 3D


If you are looking for an app with more of a designery “wow”, you can go with something more modern and enjoy an eye-pleasing setup all the while getting to know your future. The app comes with pretty cool 3D graphics, optimized for both smartphones and tablets. When you first download the app, you will get three predictions and from that moment on receive one daily. The app makes predictions fun with in-app purchases, letting you switch between various types of predictions and characters you can get them from. Thus, The Amazing Fortune Teller is more fun than future telling oriented.

Fortune Teller (runes)


For a more gothic take on the future and what it has in store, you can turn to an app that uses runes to make its predictions. Runic inscriptions add even more mysticism to the process with their descriptive symbols and letters, that are interpreted by the app as the images of your bright future. To give you a bit of a background, the predictions are usually made from the 24 ancient alphabetic symbols and you may have some fun trying to guess the meaning of each yourself.

If runes are not your thing, the app also gives you two more options: a magic ball (that works in a similar way as a crystal ball) and a compass of destiny (a quick solution, giving you “yes” or “no” answers).

Horoscopes And Predictions


daily-horoscope-120612If you have nothing against dubbing into Vedic astrology , Horoscopes And Predictions are happy to offer just that. With the app you can get a nice array of predictions, from daily horoscopes and star based remedies to the best times for moving into a new house. You can also visit their website at for more information on how the predictions are made and why you should delay that car purchase you’ve been looking forward to.

Once again, it may not all be about the exciting and mysterious idea of getting to know your future, but simply about having something fun (and even a bit silly) on your phone and having a few whole-hearted laughs with friends.

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Author Chinavasion Marketing 19.4.2015. | 18:31
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