Helpful Android Apps For Drivers

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2015. | 22:31

No matter how good of a driver you are, having an extra hand is never a bad idea. Whether letting you know where you can gas up, navigating around the city or locating the nearest diner with the best odds for a safe piece of pie, these apps could make your driving life at least a tad easier.

Car DashDroid


Surely, when driving you need to keep your eyes in the road – that’s a given. And the fewer distractions you have, the better it is. However, if you do have to glance at your phone occasionally, it’s better that your smartphone is adopted for the task. DashDroid is an app that turns your phone into a convenient dashboard while you drive. So that you can keep your eyes on the road and stay alert, in case you have an important message or need to make an urgent call. All you will have to do to make that call is swipe to the left – and if you swipe to the right you will find a set of quick access buttons for other phone functions.

Find My Car


If you often run into the horror of forgetting where you parked and roaming the parking lot in search of your car, you may quickly appreciate the service Find My Car provides. The app makes use of Internet and GPS to help you locate your car in the parking lot. You can also use the built-in compass for offline navigation or simply snap a picture of the parking lot within the app. The latest version of Find My Car also features augmented reality add-on.

Fuel Log


Fuel Log is an app that will track your vehicle’s consumption, maintenance and cost. First, you will need to enter some information, regarding what kind of car you are driving. Once that’s covered you will get regular updates and data on gas consumption, mileage and even servicing costs for your car. You will get regular reminders on when your car needs to go in for a maintenance check, as well as be able to monitor your overall services costs over time in the form of graphs and stats.

Google Maps Street View


When it comes to navigation, nothing gets the job done quite the same way as Google Maps. Even if you already have a good navigation system in place in your car, having Google Maps will be of great use. Google Maps Street View is great for navigating the city and comes with a 3D view of the area, letting you a get a closer look at narrow streets and smaller corners. It’s also a good tool to have as a tourist in a new city. It will let you explore nearby places of interest and decide which ones you would like to pay a visit to.

Drive Scribe

Drive Scribe

Drive Scribe is an app and, in a way, a social platform for beginner drivers. It acts as a mobile driving instructor, helping you polish your skills and also connect with friends, who are also learning to drive. You can monitor each other’s progress and even get points and rewards for good performance. With Drive Scribe you will be able to learn more about your driving behavior and work on getting rid of imperfections. Even if you already are a competent driver, you may benefit from the app’s objective look at your skills.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2015. | 22:31
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