How To Choose The Right Headphones For A Workout

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Headphones are some of the most common accessories and the ones we turn to every day on a number of occasions. Listening to music is, surely, one of the popular reasons for putting on your headphones. Yet we often do that in different environments.

When listening to music at home, you can completely indulge in the process and let go – and your earphone choice is likely to reflect that. You can sport big bright headphones with great acoustics and even sing along with your favourite bands.

At the office, the story is quite different. If you want to catch a quick music pause in between answering emails at work, it may be a better option to go for something more discreet – like a wireless ear piece or small earbuds, that will not bring too much attention to your hobby.

Sports is a whole other thing. A number of studies have already shown the positive effects of music on a workout: rhythmic tunes help us keep up the pace and distract us from fatigue. Music has proven to be most beneficial for self-paced exercise, like running or walking, as it takes over the rhythmic part of the workout and lets us put more effort into the movement.

Choosing a convenient and reliable set of headphones or earbuds for your workout is essential – so that you stay focused and entertained. So what kind of headphones are the best choice for a workout?

First, think about what kind of movements you will be making and where you will be making them.

If you are walking or doing slow-paced jogging, you may go for both wired or wireless headphones. With the range of movement not being too big, the cords won’t be that much of a trouble and you can find a convenient way to attach them to your jog suit. Both headphones and earbuds will be well-suited for the occasion and it will probably depend more on your personal preference. Standard headphones (with a band going over your head) can be adjusted to stay in place during your exercise. However, if put on too tightly, they can put uncomfortable pressure on your head with time. That’s why most joggers prefer the newer type of headphones with a band around the back of the neck – no pressure on the temples, easier to put on and not messing with your headwear.

Earbuds are also a popular choice with joggers. What you have to watch out for here are the earbuds themselves – they have to feel comfortable in your ear and be able to stay in place as your head is moving during the workout. If you find this to be a common problem, you could try ear-hangers. These earbuds come with a small piece of plastic around your ears to keep the earpiece in place as you move.

If the range of movement during the exercise will be bigger, like in an aerobics routine, dancing or weight workout, you will probably prefer to go with wireless headphones or earbuds that would not limit your movement. An even better idea would be to use headphones that come with their own SD card, so that you can upload your music and will not have to keep your phone close as you move around.

Another factor to think about here is the environment. If you are working out indoors and have an air-conditioned area, then the cold is nothing to worry about.

However, if you are a fan of outdoor workouts, especially during the cold season, when the air is the freshest, you should take extra care to protect your head from cold. If that is the case, you may well go for headbands or hats with built-in headphones. This way you will have your ears protected from the cold and enjoying the built-in music.

We are happy to help you make the right choice and welcome you to check out the recent additions to our Headphones and Earphones Section.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.2.2015. | 20:53
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