Hot News: Apple Plans To Kill Tesla With It’s Own Electric Car

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.2.2015. | 10:20

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The rumors are getting stronger: Technology giant Apple is working on an electric car.

Apple has claimed several foreign media put a team of a few hundred people on the secret project. The project would have codenamed “Titan.” The design to be worked on somewhere in California, resembles that of a minivan.

The leadership of the project would be in the hands of Steve Zadesky, who was earlier involved in the design of the iPod and iPhone. Zadesky is an Apple veteran, but was once employed by the US carmaker Ford.

An Apple spokesman declined to give comments said US Bloomberg in their reports.

Apple has played with the idea to develop a car. Marketing CEO Apple’s Phil Schiller said two years ago as a witness in a lawsuit against Samsung over patents that building a car is already a topic in the board room since 2007.

Other technology companies in Silicon Valley are also doing the same. Google is working on a self-propelled vehicle and Tesla Motors is a manufacturer of electric cars is now an established name. More than 150 employees of Tesla previously worked for Apple.

In turn, Apple is now trying to attract Tesla employees by offering higher salaries, according founder and CEO Elon Musk. “Apple is trying very hard to recruit Tesla employees,” he said. “But until now they are actually very few people recruited.”

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.2.2015. | 10:20
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  1. Venusoul7 February 18, 08:16

    Beautiful vision of technological advance played by the same unenlightened corporate buffoonery that smears all progress with embarrassing corporate tactics of greed and shameful pride.
    Get over the small-minded espionage and work together…the outcome would over be a better product.

  2. Paul February 20, 01:44

    Tesla wants competition, we must kill off oil….

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