Winter Accessories From Chinavasion To Keep You Warm

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.2.2015. | 04:17

This winter may have found you in any corner of the world and if you are tanning somewhere on the Bahamas, you may be very far from cold winds or anything snow-related. But if you are a fan of tradition and are stranded somewhere in the white midst, you may be in need of some fun accessories to make this winter a bit more entertaining. One of the most important things in winter is keeping warm. Once that is covered, you can move on to getting yourself equipped with some cool devices. But what if there were gadgets available that could combine both – and keep you warm all the while giving you access to top-notch entertainment?

Here are 5 winter-enhancing gadgets that you can find right here at Chinavasion.

Beanie Hat With Built-In Headphones


Staying warm is one of the key elements of having a fun winter. But why not add some music to it? A beanie hat with built-in headphones is a practical accessory for jogging, skiing or any other types of winter sports – as well as a simply convenient way of listening to music on the go without bothering with the cords. The hat is simple, in dark tones and would fit any clothing. Basically – just a simple hat with a little bit of gadgety magic.

Trapper Hat With Built-In Headphones


If you are looking for something a bit more on the wild side (and warmer, as well), take a look at this furry lumberjack hat. Perfect for a hipster-like outfit while strolling in the city or a snowy walk somewhere in the countryside. Your look will be enhanced by your choice of music tracks blasting through the built-in headphones and the furry “ears” will keep you extra warm.

Hi-Call Bluetooth Talking Magic Gloves (for men or women)


Once your head is warm and enjoying the music, it’s time to think about other body parts. Hands are usually the first to get cold in winter and yet we have to work with them practically all the time. However, in addition to keeping your hands warm, these gloves come with extra benefits. You probably know how unpleasant it may be to fiddle with your purse in the cold when your phone is ringing? With Hi-Call Magic Gloves you will be able to answer calls and hang up without taking out your phone. So you will be able to enjoy conversations with your friends with your phone safely stored in your bag.

Fingerless Heated Gloves


If your job revolves around working at the computer and involves lots of typing – your hands are your major asset and keeping them warm, whether outside or at the office is key to productivity. These simple-looking gloves come with a USB cable and you have to do is plug them in and get your hands instantly warmed up. You will still have complete freedom of movement and will be able to perform all your typing or gaming actions.

Bluetooth Hat And Touch Glove Set


If you are looking for a complete set of winter gadgetry, you can have the hat and gloves working in sync for the best winter and digital experience. The Bluetooth hat will let you listen to music or any other audio from your phone or tablet, and thanks to the touch gloves you will be able to interact with your device while keeping your hands warm.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 13.2.2015. | 04:17
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