Best Applications For Listening To Audio Books For Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.2.2015. | 23:13

We may often hear a sad sigh these days followed by the words “reading is dead” or “no one reads anymore”, or “books are a thing of the past”. However and thankfully, this apocalyptic thinking seems to be quite  far from the truth. And the evidence is everywhere: from the number of reading devices available on the market, to e-book stores and mobile reading apps. Reading is still here, it just got an upgrade.

We live in a very interesting time: we may have less time to read, but surely more opportunities to do so. Books can accompany us anywhere anytime and in all formats imaginable.

In this post we’ll talk about audio books and some of the best Android apps for listening to them.



Audible is probably the most well-known app in the audiobooks field. It comes with a powerful audiobook player and an impressive library with over 150, 000 items, where you can find all sorts of titles: from timeless classics to newest editions. When it comes to the player itself, there are lots of features to play around with. You will be able to transfer books directly over Wi-Fi, choose between various narration speed options, sign up for a newsfeed to stay updated with the recent news and book events and more.

All in all, it very well may be the first and the only application you try. And, unless you are looking for something specific, you will probably have all your requirements met.

NOOK Audiobooks


If you are a fan of Barnes & Noble, you may want to try their audiobook product – NOOK Audiobooks. The app comes with a library of more than 50, 000 titles and does not require a subscription, unlike most other audiobook libraries. Instead, you can simply download the titles that you like and listen to them through the app.

NOOK Audiobooks is featured with a simple audiobook player and you may not find as many features as in, for example, Audible player. However, you will get a nice set of all the basic features and a chance to listen to free samples and make use of frequent promotions and discounts.

 Smart Audiobook Player


If you are looking for just an audio player for the books you already have, Smart Audio Book Player is just that and will offer you a reliable way to listen to your files. For the first 30 days, you will be able to try out the full version and after the trial period you will be switched to the basic version, unless you prefer to spend $2 to keep using the full one. The player comes with a nice set of features, like automatic pausing if you fall asleep, a clear book classification, playback speed control and more.



Librivox offers around 15, 000 audio books (and even more for US-based users). What is the best thing about this app? All of that is for free! Thanks to a number of dedicated volunteers who record and distribute books, you can now access an extensive library of classic and recent works at absolutely no charge.

You will have to be careful with the selection process, though. As with all free content, you may find great pieces, but there is also a possibility of lower quality recordings or works.

The interface may seem a bit too charged at the first glance – as you will see lots of sections, giving you recommendations and updates as to the recent releases. But you this part is flexible and you will be able to add and remove sections as you are exploring the app.



Scribd is an app that offers you both audiobooks and e-books – with variety and style. You will find award-winning authors and works and lots of ways to personalize your reading and listening experience. The application takes a Netflix-style approach to the payment – and you will need to get a subscription at $ 8.99 to get access to all this goodness. Just like with Netflix, you will get a free trial month – so that you can take a look what Scribd has in store for you all on your own and take the time to explore around 30, 000 audiobook titles, as well as over 500, 000 e-books.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 15.2.2015. | 23:13
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