3 Android Apps That Promise To Help You Beat Jet Lag

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.2.2015. | 20:15

We already know there are apps for absolutely anything. Right from the moment we wake up to the moment we make it to bed at the end of the day, our life can be completely and entirely guided by various mobile and tablet applications. However, from time to time, we may still come across “appified” things and services that may surprise us. One of these, at least for me, is my recent discovery of a set of jet lag applications. Yes, there are applications out there that promise you get over the unpleasant feeling much faster or avoid it altogether.

If you’ve been lucky enough to have never stumbled onto this common ailment, jet lag refers to a condition, resulting from long-distance air travel, that manifests itself in the disruption of circadian rhythms. In short: you feel sleepy in the middle of the day, but can take on the world at night. I guess you know how unpleasant this can get, not to mention the hindering power it holds over all your vacation or business trip plans.

It is, thus, very good to know that you can battle all this annoyance with a simple app installation. Or can you?

Below you will find the three apps that promise to get the phrase “jet lag” out of your vocabulary.

Jet Lag Rooster


Featured on CNN, NBC and BBC, Jet Lag Rooster comes with a set of tips and notifications to reset your body clock after long-haul flights. It will basically work as your very own “jet lag battling” coach, telling what to do and what not to do at specific times of the day.

First, as any good coach, it will get the needed data: when you are planning to travel, departure and arrival cities, times, etc. It will also ask you questions about your sleep pattern, specifying what time you go to bed and wake up.

With the data in, the application will then analyze it and come up with a 5-day “sleep plan” for your journey. It will remind you of the best times to go to bed and insist you wake up on time as well. Jet Lag goes as far as to suggest certain times when you should avoid sunlight – to get your body clock on the right track.

All in all, it is quite a helpful tool to get yourself organized. If you are one of those people who are already well aware of the way your body reacts to jet lag and are able to keep yourself on track – you will probably not need it. But if you are one of the regular humans – it will be of great help.



Entrain, another jetlag combatting app, focuses more on light exposure, rather than sleep hours – even though you will be given tips on how to manage both.

Just as with the previous application, Entrain will ask you for some basic information regarding your trip first and then devise a plan for you to stick to.

The plan itself will have lots to do with light exposure and you will receive recommendation on when to stain in the light and when to avoid it. In case you are not able to follow the instructions precisely, Entrain makes it possible to enter what you have actually been able to achieve and the plan will self-correct, based on the entered data. You will also be asked to specify what kiNds of light you plan to be exposed to the most: sunlight, indoor light, etc.

Jet Lag Remedies

Remedies app

Jet Lag Remedies takes a more comprehensive and a slightly more physical approach to jet lag management. The app covers all aspects of the condition, from causes, symptoms and prevention to a set of yoga and stretching exercises to help you ease up the problem. Jet Lag Remedies is more of a tip encyclopedia on the issue of jet lag and can be a good conversation starter on the plane if you actually want to talk to your neighbors.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 5.2.2015. | 20:15
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