Smart House Cleaning With 5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners From Chinavasion

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.2.2015. | 20:42

It’s rarely possible to find someone who genuinely enjoys cleaning. It takes time, effort and, perhaps, even a part of your soul. And even if you are ok with sacrificing part of your day for dusting, mopping and picking things up off the floor – you will probably have to do that again in a few days – a vicious, yet necessary circle.

Luckily, technology is not only here to take away our jobs, but also to help us be more efficient at home or at the office and rid us of some of the most time-consuming household chores.

With the robotic vacuum cleaners below you will be able to forget about sweeping the floor and simply relax in your home while the robot is cleaning away.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner With LED Touch Screen


The newest addition to our robovac family is this red vacuum cleaner with LED Touchscreen. This is a truly smart machine of the next generation and comes with a number of additional features, that make it quite independent.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a stair-avoidance sensor, so it will not commit unvoluntarily suicide by flying down the stairs or bump into furniture or your sleeping pets thanks to the touch sensor.

When it comes to cleaning itself, there are more smart features to discover. On top of picking up dust and crumbs off the floor, the vacuum cleaner will use the built-in UV lamp to kill harmful bacteria – and do that with the minimum noise level possible (only 50dB).

Robot Vacuum Cleaner “Hurricane”


Hurricane will quickly prove it has the right to bear this name, as it will efficiently clean your floors, without asking you to lift a finger.

A great feature of this model that it will automatically come back to the charging dock and go back to cleaning as soon as it’s charged.

Hurricane also comes with a great array of smart features, helping it avoid furniture and other obstacles and will the UV-lamp to sanitize the floors.

A great physical characteristic is that the vacuum cleaner is only 91mm high and will easily get under most sofas and beds and other hard-to-reach areas.

Automatic Vacuum Cleaner “Merrao RF1”


“Merrao RF1” is in many ways similar model, “Hurricane” in the selection of intelligent features on offer. It will quietly clean your house and independently visit the charging dock when needed.

“Merrao RF1” is equipped with two Tornado brushes, enabling fast and efficient cleaning and will navigate smoothly avoiding all the obstacles in your apartment. It also comes with a side brush to make sure even the smallest corners of your apartment stay dust-free.

Featuring a 500 ml capacity, the vacuum cleaner will be able to go about its duties freely for lengthy periods of time without the need to replace the container

Robot Vacuum Cleaner – Ultra-Thin Design


If you are looking for a device that will not only get the cleaning job done, but will also become a stylish interior element. Made in the classic white colour, it simply exudes cleanliness and spotlessness.

However, this clever device has more to be proud of than just beauty. With 4 cleaning modes to choose from (Auto, Spot, Edge and Daily) and 90 minutes on non-stop operation, it will not only “look pretty”, but get all the dirty work done in no time. With 4 side brushes, there will be no dirt left behind. And you can sit back, relax and manage the cleaning process with a remote control in your hand.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner – LED Light


Another stylish option for you house is this silver and white vacuum cleaner with LED light. Classic in shape and shades, just like the previous model, it is a great choice for more modernistic designs – it’s futuristic look enhance by the silvery shimmer. You will find all the essential features in this robvac, like multiple modes and cliff avoiding sensor. In addition to sweeping, it can also help take the energy-consuming task of mopping from you and should its wheels ever stumble onto any object, it will turn off automatically and patiently wait for your assistance.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 2.2.2015. | 20:42
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