3 Fun Stunts To Perform With Your Drone

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In one of our earlier blogs, we introduced you to several drone devices, available on Chinavasion. Some of them are suitable for beginners (like quadcopter “Lady Bird” ), others would make a great choice for more experienced “pilots” (like “B2 X Series” Stealth Bomber). The reasons for getting a drone may be numerous: from impressing friends and annoying your dog to keeping an eye on your property and making videos from the air. A less safer option is having too much to drink and crashing your drone into the White House, like the main character of a story that made the headlines last week.

However, this time we will talk about something more specific –or, rather, specifically fun: how to performs stunts with your drone.

Below you will find a few ideas with various levels of difficulty that you can try out this weekend or note down for future picnic times with friends.

The Circle

The Circle is a relatively easy stunt that involves flying your drone in a circle at low altitude.

The process in quite self-explanatory here, as long as you don’t get over your head. Slowly gain altitude and choose the direction you want your device to circle in – you actually have only two options here: clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Hold the altitude and control the speed with the right stick, while using the left stick to keep your device going left (for example). Keep the altitude and speeds steady.

To make the stunt more complicated – try flying it in smaller circles. The smaller the circle – the more difficult it will become to perform the trick, as smaller dimensions will require higher precision levels and it will take you some time to feel comfortable when operating your drone within a smaller space.

A good idea is to fly the drone around another object, rather than yourself. Surely, you may try the latter as well, but you will have to turn your head to control the drone and this can get tiresome, not to mention dizzy.

 The Flip

Taking one step higher up the difficulty ladder we have the flip. The name of the stunt makes understanding its principle pretty easy and it does involve flipping your drone backwards or forwards in mid-air.

Gain speed and fly the drone straight up – up to approximately 20 feet. Once your device is airborne and feeling stable – push the right stick hard forward or pull it hard backward. A mere second later, bring it back to centre to regain balance. Repeat until satisfied.

Make sure you take your time in between flips and let the drone stabilize. You may also land it and repeat the whole process from square one.

Performing double flips is, of course, also an option – but is a way harder trick for more experienced users.

The Dive

While performing the dive stunt, you will let your drone fly high and then sharply drop altitude – as if it’s about to drop a bomb.

To perform the trick, first bring your drone to a medium to high altitude and make sure it’s stable. Then sharply move the left stick down and as you see your device getting close to the ground, pull back on the right stick and up with the left.

When performing the stunt, make sure you start with dropping your drone from a high altitude to a medium one, so that you can get the feel of how everything goes. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can try to get you drone closer and closer to the ground – within reasonable limits, of course.

Looking for a drone? Please take a look at our RC gadget page here.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.2.2015. | 15:07
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