Get Ready For Take-Off With 5 Quadcopter Drones From Chinavasion

Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.1.2015. | 22:02

The recent incident involving a somewhat drunk person crashing a drone into the White House sparked a big debate regarding drone safety and the lack of regulations regarding drone operation. But more than that – the incident has caused an even bigger interest in the flying devices, as more and more users found themselves eager to explore and be part of all the controversy.

We are here to promote responsible drone behavior and offer you a selection of gadgets that will satisfy your curiosity and your flying ambition.

RC Quad Copter “Ladybird”


“Ladybird” is one of the first quadcopter drones featured on Chinavasion and a great choice for beginners. It is slightly smaller than most of the later models, and thus will feel less intimidating to maneuver and play around with. A 50 meter flying range will also let you feel more in control and you will be able to keep an eye on your device at any time.

Despite Ladybird’s simplicity and smaller dimensions, it features reliable flight precision and can easily do tricks in the air, like pirouettes, flips and rolls.

RC Quad Copter “Sky-Line”


Skyline comes with a more traditional shape and design – that reminiscent of a regular helicopter. However, do not be fooled by the simple looks, as this flying machine is just as powerful as its more complex-looking counterparts.

Sky-Line comes with a 50 meter range, helping you build confidence as you are preparing for more daring flights. As all quadcopters it features 4 blades and lifts up vertically. Once on the air, you can move the Sky-Liner in various directions, as well as perform a number of stunts.

RC Quadcopter Stealth Bomber “B2 X-Series”


 Inspired by the B2 stealth bomber, this RC Quadcopter is just as safe to send on a secret mission as it is to impress friends at the park. Featuring 4 powerful propellers which make for an amazing lift, this stylish aircraft is a joy to fly for both expert pilots and amateurs.

One of the best features of Quadcopter B2 is its stability during flight. This feature will be most appreciated by those just starting out in drone flying and it will help you get m0re control and confidence in your “maiden flights”.

For more advanced users, flight stability will enable you to fly the aircraft both outdoors and indoors and perhaps, try more complicated maneuvers.

Charging will only take 60 minutes and your drone will be ready in no time for new adventures at the range of up to 100 metres.

RC Quadcopter “Defender


Quadcopter, true to its name, features four propellers and can be flown freely within 100 meter range.

Precision is one of the key features of this drone and a significant benefit if you would like to perform various stunts in the air without worrying about casing inconvenience to others or damaging your device. “Defender” can fly forwards, backwards, sideways and even stunt the audience with 360 degree barrel rolls.

Quadcopter Jet Fighter “Air Force X”


“Air Force X” is yet another fierce army-inspired drone, that can be used as a patrol device to keep your property safe, as well as a fancy toy to sport among tech-loving friends.

As you may have noticed, the quadcopter resembles a jet fighter, used by American Airforce and has the functionality to match.

Perfect for more advanced drone users, it comes with the control range of up to 100 metres and a 3-Axis stabilization system – a great setup for performing stunts and tricks in the air. The aircraft is operated using 2.4 GHz frequency and 4.5 channel function.

Don’t be afraid to damage your fancy quadcopter during flight indoors or outdoors, as a Styrofoam shell will protect it from falls and scratches.

For more options on drones and other RC contraptions, please feel free to visit our RC Toys section here.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 30.1.2015. | 22:02
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