AirBoard – The World’s smallest manned aircraft.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 31.1.2015. | 14:00

Similar to the ‘Hoverbikes‘ that we looked at in 2014 this quad copter known as the AirBoard is described as the “Smallest aircraft on the planet” by its creators.  The AirBoard, with a size of 80 cm (31″) by 110 cm (43″) and 140 cm (55″) in length when closed is by far the smallest one person aircraft in the world.


When folded closed the AirBoard takes up 3 times less space than when open, its able to lift a human yet is still small enough to fit in to a car. There is a reason why it classified as Ultralight aircraft. With a smaller size come a lighter body and still it has a powerful force to take-off a human and fly. Thanks to compact thermal system there is plenty of room for a big battery.


Follow this link to visit the AirBoard website where you can read and see more info.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 31.1.2015. | 14:00
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  1. The Top Game Studio February 4, 22:02

    This is so cool!

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