Memory, money gone in a flash (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.1.2007. | 19:25

Memory, money gone in a flash (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)
When Christopher Smith bought a flash-memory card on eBay, he had a feeling the price was too good to be true. He was right. Smith, a financial adviser at Robert W. Baird & Co., paid $35 for a new card that normally woul…

Author Chinavasion Marketing 16.1.2007. | 19:25
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  1. Melvin Neal February 6, 23:51

    It is interesting to know the large amount of fake cards swarming the market, but I also think there is a place for them. Most consumers would buy a “knock off” product as long as the seller or store owner let the consumer know up front. Most consumers understand that you get what you pay for; as I believe that these type of products sell very well in flea markets, and other type of swamp markets and second hand stores.

    Unfortunately these type of memory cards are damaging to our electronic devices, and can be damaging to your company name, and credibility to provide the best quality in product and customer satisfaction.

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