Resellers, Are You Ready For Chinese New Year 2010?

Author xlxmarketing 11.1.2010. | 22:27

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The Chinese New Year is fast approaching and the year of the ox is about to be chased on by the year of the tiger.

And, like every other Chinese New Year since the dawn of time it is likely to be a cow of a time for travelers and exporters alike.

That’s because everybody in China will be downing tools on the 11th of February (if they had not done so beforehand) to spend a week with their friends and families in their home town in one of China’s two ‘golden’ weeks. Everybody will be back and work and things will (hopefully) return back to normal by February 17.

What it essentially ads up to for people shipping products out of China are late shipments and the inability to get stock during that period, or indeed some days after.

Holiday Date Duration
Chinese New Year 11th February 12 days
Labor Day May 1 1 day

Chinavasion staff will be also heading back to their home towns during the public holiday and, while some selfless people are staying behind to help customers with their questions there won’t be anything shipped out from February 11 to February 17.

On February the 17th Chinavasion, and more importantly the people at the courier companies will be coming back to work.

This means that if you are a dropshipper and you want to continue selling products on eBay, your own online story or one of our very popular eBay Alternatives then it might pay to build up a stockpile of your popular sellers. Just as you would at Christmas.

We already have.

One thing that might help you keep up to date with the items on our shelves is our brand new stock update feed.

stock update RSS feed

By subscribing to this RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed you will know exactly when we take things off our shelves and put them back on… We also give you some suggestions on products you might want to try as alternatives.

And, if you haven’t come across RSS before we have got a handy answer to the question What is RSS.

So, subscribe to our new RSS feed and, if you haven’t already, start stocking up on your top sellers. It will lead to a profitable and a stress-free start to 2010!


Author xlxmarketing 11.1.2010. | 22:27
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  1. Adam Reynolds January 12, 04:29

    Happy New Year! I didn’t realise the extent to which everything shuts down for new year in China.

    When is the last actual date that I can place an order, for it to be sent out before you shut down?

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