Best Fashion Apps For Stylish Android Users

Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.2.2015. | 20:09

“What to wear” is a question haunting many of us in the early mornings, when the time to leave for the office is drawing nearer and nearer and you are still staring into the abyss of your closet, realizing that with all the clothes around you have absolutely nothing to wear

As random and superficial as it may seem, organizing your style and wardrobe can be quite helpful in managing your day as a whole – as you will spend less time, effort and even money to dress yourself. App developers quickly realized the need on the market for helpful fashion and clothing applications and we can now choose from the various tools available.

Here are a few fashion applications for Android that will have you looking sharp in no time.


Pose app

Before fashion, before style and before the need to impress your colleagues comes the need to be dressed for the weather.

If you have worn suede shoes in the rain, you may have already realized the importance of having adopting your look to the outside condition – and if you can master the elusive skill of matching your clothes to the weather – everything else will be a piece of cake.

Pose is an app that looks at the practical side of weather forecast and instead of telling you precipitation records for this month, it will simply advise you what to wear. You can enter where you are going (office, party, walk in the park) and the app will adjust its choices based on the destination. It’s a great way to get ideas quickly and know that they will not look out of place in the outside reality.


Posh app

Poshmark is another problem-solving application. It allows you to get rid of your impulsive or poorly thought-through purchases, by letting you resell the items on an e-commerce platform, as well as look for deals yourself. It’s basically an online outlet for recently purchased items that users find unsuitable, because of the size, colour pattern or any other issue. It’s a nice play to shop for branded items, when you don’t what to splash out on a full retail price, and you are sure to come across some great finds.

Fashion Freax Street Fashion

Fashion Freax

If you feel like you friends are starting to give you the silent treatment on Instagram because of your frequent “look” selfies, you may want to join a network of people who are as obsessed with style as you. Fashion Freax is a community for fashion-conscious people, who are happy to share and exchange daily looks for inspiration and ideas. You will feel right at home and will not have to worry about the “dosage” of selfies to post throughout the day.



Stylitics is a master app for organizing your closet. It’s almost like having a personal stylist, but minus the exorbitant costs.

The application helps you colour coordinate your closet and keep track of the items you have. You can even check when was the last time you wore a particular outfit, thanks to the style calendar. If you feel that your closet is starting to get the best of you and you are losing track of the items you have – Stylitics will put you back in charge.

Cool Guy

Cool guy app

Perhaps there was a time when fashion was considered a female-dominated interest. But that’s surely not the case anymore. The trend for picking your own unique style has long crossed gender boundaries and now give an equal amount of headache to boys and girls.

Cool Guy is helps men create stylish combinations, based on the contents of their closet. You can also find useful features for packing and looking for deals on the items in your wishlist.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 8.2.2015. | 20:09
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    Please also have a look at our brand new fashion app for android : . We hope you like it 🙂

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