The Benefits Of Owning Wireless Keyboard And Mouse

Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.1.2015. | 20:48

wireless keyboard and mouse

When it comes to creating a productive working environment, you can’t do without a good desktop computer or laptop and the right computer essentials: a keyboard and a mouse.

Your computer probably came with these accessories. But if you are eager to explore additional features, a more ergonomic design or simply hunt for a style that is more “you” – you may be tempted to explore the wireless computer accessories category.

Wireless Keyboards: Benefits


Wireless keyboards come in various formats, that can cater better to your specific requirements or intended uses.

For a high level of portability- you may look into the option of purchasing a foldable wireless keyboard. They are typically made from softer materials (like rubber) and can easily fit in the smallest carrying case or bag. Another great advantage of this type of wireless keyboards is that most of them come with waterproof and dustproof ratings – which is perfect if you plan to take them around or have the habit of snacking over the computer.

If you are an avid gamer, having a specialized keyboard for gaming may greatly improve your experience. You can connect it to your laptop or mobile device and enjoy a full range of digital motion. Gaming keyboards are usually equipped with game controllers and touch pads to help you better navigate the virtual world.

If you are interested in various stylistic options, you may like more unconventional wireless keyboard offers – for instance, keyboards made from other materials, like bamboo.

 Portable And Causing Less Clutter

Whether you go for a foldable wireless keyboard or a standard one – both options can be easily used on the go and are a great addition to your set of laptop accessories if you enjoy working in different places. A wireless keyboard will also take up much less space on your desk and allow you to keep it organized with less effort: no more dusty tangled cords spilt coffee fire hazards.

 Great As Alternatives

If your default computer keyboard is broken or has a few bugs, getting a wireless replacement can be a good and affordable short-term solution to keep you going. As most wireless keyboards are universal – meaning they can work will all types and brands of devices – after you get your built-in keyboard fixed, you can use your wireless alternative with your smartphone or tablet.

Wireless Mouse: Types And Benefits

As with wireless keyboards, there are lots of types of wireless mice available.

Optical Mouse

Optical computer mice use infrared technology to connect to your computer. You will see a red light at the bottom of an optical mouse, which the computer uses to determine its location.

Bluetooth Mouse

A Bluetooth mouse is quite self-explanatory and, once you have Bluetooth enabled on your laptop or computer, it will establish a connection and work with very low interference.

Air Mouse

An air mouse is a relatively new product on the market, that incorporates infrared technology, allowing you to use your mouse pretty much like a remote to control your computer, web-TV, set-top box and other devices. An air mouse eliminates the need for a flat surface and can be simply pointed at the device you want to control.

 So what about the benefits?

Once again, the main advantage of a wireless mouse over its corded counterpart is in the name itself. With no wire to limit your movement, you can freely move around the room, place your mouse at a distance with your computer or laptop and, in general, have a more flexible working area.

You can find all sorts of affordable wireless computer accessories from trusted suppliers here.



Author Chinavasion Marketing 26.1.2015. | 20:48
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