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Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.1.2015. | 23:16

We are always encouraged to be smart: in life, at work, when having dinner and even when taking a nap. “Work smart”, “live smart” and “be smart” seem to be the slogans of the 21st century – and it’s hard to argue. Smart living simply implies good management of your life and the environment around you – so that your days can be efficient, productive and stress-free.

Making sure you home is a nice and convenient place to be in is one of the key components of that notion.

A few blogs back we talked about Smart Home Gadgets and this time we will be focusing on one specific part of that – lighting.

Light can make a great difference not only in your home interior design, but also have a great effect on your mood and the atmosphere of your home in general.

Moreover, in these days of multi-functioning, you will discover that simple lighting appliances can do much more than you might have imagined.

Without further delay, take a look at our selection of smart light gadgets to style up your home.

Easy Light 3 – Touch Sensitive Light Switch


Easy Light 3 will add a sophisticated touch to any home design, without drawing too much attention to itself. The switch will go great with any interior: from classic to modern and can be paired with up to three different lights. It’s an effective and stylish way to control the light in your home and we will probably see more and more forward-looking households switching to these in the near future.

Bluetooth LED Lightbulb + Speaker


Remember when we said that light appliances are getting multifunctional? Bluetooth LED Lightbulb and Speaker is a perfect example of that. This simple-looking lightbulb can not only make sure your room is well-lit, but also change colours and play music – so it’s like having a personal mini-DJ attached to your ceiling. The lightbulb can be easily controlled with any smartphone or even a wearable device – so you can turn it on and off, change light colour and play your favourite music tracks – all of that from one lightbulb!

Floating LED Light “Orb”


When you are looking for something a bit different to enhance your interior or garden decoration – LED Light Orb might do the trick. This LED light ball can change colours and can be controlled remotely between different settings. One of the best features is that the light is waterproof and if you really want to design outside the box, you can put it in the swimming pool or a tub water for that extra “wow” effect.

Lotus Flower LED Candle Light


For a more exotic and yet elegantly subtle design element – take a look at Lotus Flower LED Candle Light. In addition to bringing an exotic element to your interior, this Lotus Flower functions as energy-saving light, that will save you electricity, money and in some time even the planet, by bringing a smart component to your energy consumption management.

Waterproof LED Candle Set


Contrary to popular opinion, romance is not dead – it has just been upgraded.

Several years ago the idea of a candle-lit dinner, as appealing as it may have been, also brought about the unfortunate thoughts of house fires, dripping candle wax and destroyed tablecloths – and now that’s no longer the case. You can now enjoy a dinner, picnic or a bath in the nice relaxing light of shimmering candles with no fuss at all. This LED candle set is not only hassle-free, but also water-proof, which means that whether rain or shine, your romantic evening will not be interrupted.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.1.2015. | 23:16
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