Best Alarm Clock Apps For Your Android Phone

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.4.2015. | 23:42

We have all heard that the early bird gets the warm. Hearing it and believing it is one thing, but actually getting up at the crack of dawn to make your dreams happen is quite a different one. Here we need all the help we can get. Thankfully, there is lots of such help available. All you have to do is turn on your Android phone and make sure you have just the right alarm clock app to keep you waking up on time to start your exciting day.

So here we go with exciting alarm clock applications for your Android phone.

Alarm Pro


You may instinctively go for this app just by the name alone. The application is actually quite more than an alarm clock – but rather a comprehensive organizational tool. So thanks to Alarm Pro, you will not only be able to schedule the time to wake up, but also organize your week, manage your calendar and create to-do lists. The app also comes with a distinctive glowy interface, which makes for a simple and clear look.

I Can’t Wake Up Alarm Clock


This one is just that – an alarm for those who have trouble waking up in the morning (so, basically, all of us). The app comes with a number of ways to get you out of bed, which, unfortunately, do not yet include coffee. However, the options are numerous – the alarm clock will play different tunes and switch between modes, from gentle to harsh, making sure you don’t go back to sleep. Another great feature about I Can’t Wake Up is that it will not stop until you are awake – really. In order to turn off the alarm you will need to pass the “awake test”, which may involve a math puzzle, memory game or getting something from another room.

Sleep As Android 

Sleep As Android

We have already mentioned Sleep As Android in one of our earlier blogs and we are coming back to it here, as the app takes a smart approach to the simple task of waking you up.

What Sleep As Android does, is monitor your sleep pattern as you sleep and watche for the best time to wake you up – when you are ready for it naturally. The science behind it says that this will help you get a better night’s sleep and yet wake up in time without any drama. You will then feel fresh and well-rested, instead of cranky and tired. Surely, you can also set up the standard alarm clock, based on the time you want. But if you go with this app, we really suggest you try the sleep monitoring feature.



WakeVoice is a standard alarm clock application in all ways but one. It lets you control lots of functions with your voice, like telling the alarm to stop or snooze. This is a really nice morning feature, as you will not have to fiddle with your phone half-awake. However, it does come with the danger of simply telling the app to stop and oversleeping as a result.

A nice thing about WakeVoice is that it will tell you “Good Morning” as you wake up and can also be set to use a voice to encourage you to get up.



Have you ever dreamt that you can just wave the alarm clock away? Well, now you can. WaveAlarm uses your camera to recognize you gestures and lets you control the snooze and stop options of the alarm clock with a simple wave. Just like the previous app, it makes the interaction with your alarm clock easier and definitely adds more fun into the mix.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 21.4.2015. | 23:42
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