Five 2010 Cell Phone Predictions

Author xlxmarketing 4.1.2010. | 21:31

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We are but four days into the new year and already the internet is almost groaning under the weight of lists of looks back at the year/decade that was and/or the year/decade that is to come.

For whatever the reason, be it the change in decade or be it the 10 year mark in the new century, journalists and blog writers all over the world have been producing a lot of top 10 lists lately. So really is only one thing for us to do.

Put out one of our own.

If there is one thing that has gotten a lot of attention over the last several years it’s the cell phone.

Interest in MP4 players is strong around Christmas (especially with the high definition players that are coming out) but fading and The initial buzz around netbooks that emerged in the start of 2009 has died down. But the cell phone has continued to hold people’s focus.

There has been so many developments in mobile phone technology and so much jockeying around brand and smartphone OS that the cell phone has been THE topic of interest for blog and technology writers in 2009 and, we predict, in 2010.

So, lets take a look at industry developments and likely innovations to come out of the next 12 months:

Prediction 1: There’ll Be A Smartphone Showdown Between Apple, Nokia & Google

smartphone battle

Apple’s iPhone has had a dream run over the last few years, which was continued on with the iPhone 3G release of this year.

According to txt forever ( Apple became the third biggest player in the smartphone market alone behind Nokia and RIM on the strength of the iPhone alone, that’s a standing that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Unfortunately for Apple Google is looking to take some of their market share away from them.

While Google Android software was launched in 2007/2008 and it has done little to take away market share from any of the major players the Google android train has been gaining momentum. There have been 18 devices to date running Android OS software, including Motorola’s Droid. According to a PC world report Apple needs to be VERY worried about Android ( )

In 2010 Android interest and devices are only going to increase. There is already talk of a Google branded ‘Nexus One’ phone and Chinese phone makers haven’t even got into the act, but that’s not to say that people don’t want them to.

A comment from drsquirrel0 on the YouTube video for our very popular Odyssey WiFi Phone tells the story:

Dear China,

Please make more phones with? Android.



So where is Nokia in this ‘Battle Royale’?

While Nokia put out the N900 in November last year The Maemo 5 OS will prove to be its undoing. Many phone software developers have welcomed the announcement of the Maemo 5 release with an overwhelming Meh! In fact, in a not exactly unbiased review mobile industry review found only 43% of developers cared about Maemo (

Prediction 2: GPS Capability Will Turn Up On More Phones

What does Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and Nokia’s N900 have in common?

They all run Google maps.

People want to know where they are going and where they are especially in the age of Geotagging when Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth is free to anybody with an internet connection. And the phone makes sense to people as the device to use.

There are a number of ‘transition’ devices out there like our Galileo 5 Inch Touch Screen Multimedia GPS Navigator w/Bluetooth but we will undoubtedly see more GPS-capable phones out there.


The Galileo 5 Inch Touch Screen Multimedia GPS Navigator w/Bluetooth, one way to get your GPS and phone calls in one place.

Prediction 3: WiFi Will Continue To Be A Big Thing





When Michael Wong asked you what you wanted in a cell phone in the blog How To Buy Cell Phones, An Online Guide in September the vast majority of you chose internet connectivity.

We listened and added a whole range of affordable WiFi phones to our line-up. People’s appetites haven’t been whetted and you can expect many more to be added in 2010.

Prediction 4: Phones Will Be Able To Play And Read More Files

One thing that our customers are constantly asking when it comes to media, TV phones is for the phones to play more files and generally do more.

Everything from FLV to PDF to FLAC and RMVB has been requested and it’s something that cell phone makers can do without too much effort so expect to see this more in the coming year.

Prediction 5: Cell Phones Will In The Battle Between Netbooks And Smartphones

At the start of 2009 the big mover was meant to be netbooks. While they have gained market share (especially against the larger notebook) it has seen extra competition from the ebook and renewed pending competition from the Mobile Internet Device tablet (because sometimes size IS everything).

What these devices can’t do is make phone calls, or be held in one hand easily and that’s something phones will hold over them for quite a long time.

So check out our wide selection of unlocked phones let us know what you think will be the hot pics of 2009 in the poll below or let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

Author xlxmarketing 4.1.2010. | 21:31
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  1. Rue January 6, 05:27

    Really, those Androids are looking nicer and nicer. I’ve been holding off pn renewing my contract cuz all they had last year was the G1, I’m glad I did cuz they are still looking better and better. Apple better be scared. Especially, since it’s such a locked down device….although the transition and UI is unbeaten.

    The Maemo is actually, a pretty cool OS for a phone. Especially, if you know Linux. It’s also pretty much opensource…which is good for community to edit and add features.

    Also, I hope the prediction about supporting more formats comes to fruition. I got a ton of PDFs, OGGs, XviDs, and H264s to bring with me.

    GPS on the phone? Isnt that network specific? Do you not need to have the network connected tot he phone for it to work. I mean to give you turn-by-turn directions? I know Google Maps I got on the Thunder now I have to manually input address, which is still cool. As at least I’m never lost.

  2. SuicideTanaka January 6, 05:49

    android will def become the powrhouse nxt year.

    you can tell that Google is gettin on Apples nervs becuase the ppl tried to block a google program off the Apple store in america….lol!!!

    anyway…if chinavasion do make more fones….plz get rid of very very bad MTK nucleus os…. take free Android….srsly it is bad…da fake safari on those fones make it hard to watch youtube from phone….I use Opera.

  3. Sebastien Bastien January 9, 09:26

    iwant to buy in you hands

  4. Paul January 16, 16:08

    I think if chinese phones also included 3G capability 900/2100 UMMTS on top of the other features you would have a killer

  5. choco January 18, 20:25

    nice topic you’ve got. i would like to read more

  6. brendon January 20, 04:35

    Chiniavasion need to find some 3G capability on 850MHz 2100MHz Mobiles. i would defintely get some of them

  7. Mark Bekhit January 22, 08:35

    Yes, I agree with the others how it would be fantastic if Chinavasion could get 3G phones. I’m sure it will be the hottest phone around.

  8. Tech Volcano March 16, 19:43

    Great phones. I’d love to get my hands on them! Great article!

  9. frankie May 27, 16:23

    I’d personally liked to see more improvements to Nucleus. It’s a viable OS for feature phones and java isn’t dead. However, improvements in areas where java lacks would be nice, such as:

    Ability to “skin” the ui, perhaps with a hex colorpicker accessable by the end-user, and since the UI is a tad stylus centric, it could allow for precise skinning to the users chosen color.

    Compiled-in ability to extract and compress common compression formats, such as ZIP or GZIP or TAR or RAR from the file manager to save precious removable memory.

    Better ebook support. The xpdf libraries could be ported and though such a thing has been attempted in Java, opening huge files is very much a luxary Java just doesn’t have.

    Comic support. Specifically, CBR and CBZ viewer with scalable zoom.

    Actual microSDHC support. No more of this “Up to 16gb”

    Perhaps opening it up a tiny bit and allowing the os to execute non-flashed-in binaries from removable media?

    And perhaps, oh, I dunno. NOT charging 4000 dollars for the IDE?

    I know everyone is very much on the app bandwagon right now, but unfortunately, aside from midlets, this is something that chinese feature phones are lacking in, and there’s really only so much you can do with j2me.
    Mediatek is pumping out truly impressive SoCs and these super-featureful phones could really fulfill a much-deprived cheap “Smartphone” niche.

    Or, do like the other dude said and just keep throwing us some cheap android love.
    I’d like to see an android based n67 knockoff with the crazy hardware features we’ve come to expect from “Shanzhai” handsets.

    But I digress.
    I think a good way to offset the want for a user-modifiable OS would be to just ensure that almost every feature a user might want from downloadable apps is already there, in the os.

    Chinese handsets have really pushed the big boys into a corner by producing super-featured phones for much cheaper, but they’re still a bit of a ways away from cellular euphoria.

  10. Yvonne @ Gopher Promo August 22, 23:41

    Mobile is where it is at, and phones are just going to get more versatile and smarter and smarter, as well as thinner and thinner. The average phone is already a comprehensive multi media device, and I foresee built in projectors coming that will be able to project a screen onto any blank whitish surface, with the phone acting as a keyboard. This will ultimately transcend the netbook, heed my words!

  11. Adrian August 23, 09:38

    Hi Yvonne,
    We’re glad that you enjoy reading our blogs!
    Actually we’ve been selling projector phones for ages, they are cool! Check them out here:

  12. Yvonne @ Gopher Promo August 23, 12:35

    Hi Adrian. Thank you for the heads up. It is actually scary how far the mobile device has come in such a short space of time. Thanks for the link, I’m going to check it out straight away!

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