Friday FAQs: Chinese New Year, Discount Levels And GSM 3G

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Happy New Year! Welcome to the 20 10s!

We hope that you are enjoying your holiday week and are enjoying a little ‘down time’ from the computer and that you are getting together with your family and friends.

We have had a very busy week here at Chinavasion and managed to cram in a look at Cell phone buttons and the hottest selling gadgets for December in between present opening and Christmas dinners.

We also got a lot of questions and we are answering some of the more common ones below so the whole world can see.

So read on as we look at what you need to do to get ready for Chinese New Year, how our level system works and the differences between GSM 2.5G and GSM 3G phones and chips.

Will you have stock for Chinese New Year

Yes. Our sourcing team is working like madmen to get the stock we need to ensure that once the country shuts down for a week and takes a week to get back up to speed again. However, we will be taking some time off during the holidays so, if you do plan to get items during early -late February it may pay to get orders in sooner rather than later (putting together emergency stock in January would be the wisest move).

I was just upgraded to a new discount but I am still charged the old price. Why aren’t I getting a larger discount?

While we are sure that you want to enjoy your higher discounts sooner rather than later there are two things to remember in regards to discount levels.

  1. Your new discount level will only be effective after you have received a confirmation email from Chinavasion
  2. The price in currencies other than USD is subject to change according to current exchange rate and this may mean that your discounted price is the same or similar to your previous price. Rest assured that these cases are quite rare.

We hope you understand and are sure that you will be enjoying greater discounts before you know it.

Will your phones work on 3G networks?

All of the unlocked phones at Chinavasion work on the 2.5 and 2G networks.

While, in theory, this should mean that they work on 3G networks as well there are so many variances in the way the networks work and the frequencies used ( ) it doesn’t always work in practice.

We are investigating this matter and will have an answer to you as soon as we can. However, rest assured in the meantime that, as long as you are on a GSM 2G or 2.5G network and you have one of our Quad Band phones then you should be covered.

You’ve always got the latest gadgets. What products should I watch out for next week?

Next week we will be launching two products that resellers and consumers are going to love…

The Metal Gear, is a phone so intense that it needs a metal name. The Metal Gear comes with WiFi, touchscreen and keypad interfaces AND Java compatibility that can’t be beat.

Did we mention that the color has to be seen to be believed? Really! Our feeble cameras tried, and failed to capture the Chuck Norris-like greatness of the color of this phone.

Francisco, the catalog writer that is testing it, likes it so much, we may find it hard to get it back.


Product Review



Theatre Maximus – DLP Projector w/ Brilliant Color Technology [CVMQ-E57]
In ancient Rome, When Caesar wanted to entertain the citizens he built the Circus Maximus. If you truly want the best of the best resolution device on the biggest screen then you can’t go past the Theatre Maximus.

This DLP projector puts out a clear, sharp bright picture with little noise and little heat and costs half of what you’d expect a brand name projector to cost.

What is Brilliant Color Technology?

DLP Projectors with Brilliant Color technology use more base colors to produce the images projected by DLP projectors.

While LCD projectors create pictures using only 3 primary colors Brilliant Color technology uses up to six separate colors to create the images making a sharper, more vibrant, stronger picture overall.

What does DLP stand for? Why is it so good?

DLP stand for Digital Light Processing which is a method of projecting images that was perfected and trademarked by Texas Instruments.

Unlike LCD projectors, which relies on three color panes to create an image, DLP projectors use a series of micro mirrors to create images.

This makes pictures from DLP projectors smoother, clearer, sharper at large sizes and less likely to suffer from the color decay problems that LCD projectors suffer from.

For a bigger list of questions visit the Chinavasion FAQ page or to ask your own question leave a comment to this blog (provided you don’t mind the whole world knowing about it).

We’ll answer them here and, if they’re good enough we may even re-publish them in a future Friday FAQ.

Author xlxmarketing 1.1.2010. | 09:00
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  1. Shakir January 9, 22:30

    What is the DLP lumens?
    Normally, projectors are sold based on it’s number of lumens. It could be 2,000 and above.

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