Chinese Wholesale Electronics – Why Chinese?

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.1.2007. | 13:46

OK, I’m not Chinese, I don’t live in China (although it’s our country’s neighbor and there’s a big Chinese community here) and I don’t speak Chinese. So why am I so passionate about importing wholesale electronics from China?

By Charlemagne Solanor

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OK, I’m not Chinese, I don’t live in China (although it’s our country’s neighbor and there’s a big Chinese community here) and I don’t speak Chinese. So why am I so passionate about importing wholesale electronics from China?

It’s amazing how China has its doors now opened to international enterprises and how it has now sought to expand its businesses outside. One of its companies even took over a western giant a while back. China used to be a closed off nation and a "sleeping giant" but is now wide awake and ready to take on the international business center stage to do a Beyonce Knowles number. Here are a few reasons why it’s difficult to ignore China these days:
• Newspapers started carrying dedicated sections for China business because the business world is buzzing loudly about China.
• Bureaucratic red tape is becoming less and less restrictive to traders, which means more freedom, more than ever, between Chinese and foreign traders
• Even eBay is partnering with a Chinese company to gain more influence and connection in the Chinese market Almost everything has some parts or is entirely "made in China" and Jacky Chan goes Hollywood!

"But I don’t speak Chinese", you say. Well, don’t you think Chinese wholesale suppliers didn’t have that language barrier predicament in mind? Of course they did! That is why they have English speaking staff and they themselves are already able to speak the international language, which is, well – English! The problem these days, as is the case everywhere else, is not what language to use when doing business with your suppliers; it’s how you communicate with them.

So why import from China? How do I communicate with Chinese suppliers?

China could be the next Japan. After the Second World War, Japan imitated western electronic products like televisions, portable radios, cars, etc. They were perceived as cheap until the Japanese innovated these lines of products, started giving them brand names and bested the rest of the western first world in inventing things. We now forever admire Japanese brands like Sony, Honda, Toyota, and Nintendo to name a few. And whose jaw wouldn’t drop on the smart android ASIMO? China is following the same pattern of imitating, innovating and inventing electronic products that, who knows, might become the next big household name.

China has now been tagged as the world’s factory as they manufacture almost all types of products at incredibly lower cost than anywhere else in the world. That’s because everything in China is low cost; low human resources cost, low cost of living, low cost of energy and a lower corporate tax burden. Every production outfit can employ cheap labor, but still produce superb quality products.

Importing consumer electronics from China is the way to go! Of course you can look elsewhere, but the point that I would like you to take away from here is that Chinese electronic products are manufactured and exported cheap without compromising quality.

Now, when contacting suppliers from China – go directly to suppliers, better yet, to the manufacturers and avoid middlemen as much as possible as the low production cost leaves a lot of room for them to jack the prices up. Remember, your goal in buying from China is to "buy low and sell high". Where do you find these suppliers and manufacturers? Thanks to the Internet, the problem of locating reliable suppliers from China is now passed on to, uhm, your fingertips. Doing business can’t get any easier than doing it online. Search them out, contact them through email and I strongly suggest you phone them to "feel" the signs that you’re about to do business with the right people. I can’t emphasize more the importance of really building good relationship with these suppliers. These wholesalers are not picky as long as you build nice rapport with them and they are really into exporting their goods to western markets. I can attest to the excellent customer support that my favorite supplier provides. They are prompt, polite and very accommodating.

Take advantage of importing consumer electronic products from China now. Who knows? Your competition might already be capitalizing on it.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 6.1.2007. | 13:46
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  1. Janet January 23, 10:49

    thanks for the info. Can you provide websites for some Chinese manufacturers that you found to be reputable for beginning an import/export business? Your help is much appreciated.

    Thank you,


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