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Hot videos for 2009 copy
12 months, more than 100 videos, over 1000 subscribers on the Chinavasion YouTube channel and 3.9 million views on our videos. Our media team has been very VERY busy this year.

So when I was asked to pick the 7 best product and 7 best non-product videos of 2009 it was a very hard decision to make. The fact is, there were so many great videos made this year that asking me to pick my fourteen most favorite is like asking me to pick my fourteen most favorite Pokemon.

But to truly do this list justice one has to examine the reasons why the quality of our videos got so good, so soon. And it starts with people. Truth is, we have an amazing media team led by Laura our resident creative guru. What’s more, as 2009 began, Chinavasion made a conscious effort to up our game in every aspect of product marketing – from better quality products, better product descriptions, better photos, and videos that pull you in with a story.

Top 7 Product Videos






The Continuum – Japanese Multicolor LED Watch [CVIZ-G85]
The first concept video in which story as the main focus really clued us into engagement marketing was for the Continuum Watch. It was made in under 4 hours, editing included, and basically told the story of Frank who is a pizza delivery man by day, notorious hacker by night.

What empowers his powers? Yes, his hacking leetness is the result of wearing The Continuum Japanese-inspired LED Watch.

This video also forced us to improvise and create new equipment for special effects purposes (Laura stood on a dollie, while I pushed her around so as to create camera motion). Our efforts certainly paid off as not only The Continuum but all our LED watches enjoyed exceptionally strong sales.





Odyssey – WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen [CVDQ-M56]
If there was a vote for sweetest most romantic video for 2009, that honor would go to the Odyssey.

Basically, Bryan and Christine are in love and the Odyssey is the conduit by which that love is nurtured and finally expressed. As usual, Laura’s Adobe Premier skills shone bright as we see an impatient Bryan running through Shenzhen streets in ‘bullet time’.





Robot Lawn Mower – Automatic Electric Robomower [CVFN-OG01]
Do you know how hard it is to make a lawnmower video sexy?

That was certainly the case with our robot lawn mower video. The title says it all “Robomower Automatic Lawn Mower is Better Than a Robot Wife!”

Thanks to my boss Dan for that bit of wicked wit. Sure, the video won’t beat out Transformers 2 for the best movie of the year, but…darn, I tend to forget what I’m saying when I think of Megan Fox.





Solar Vest – Solar Battery + Charger for Portable Electronics [CVFR-S09]
“Let’s make a video for the Solar Vest.”

“What Solar Vest?”

“Oh that vest over there that has the words ‘Solar Vest’ emblazoned on the back.”

That was how the day started, and by noon we had the concept and storyboard down. Basically John puts on his macking Solar Vest and goes around the neighborhood meeting beautiful girls by offering to “recharge their batteries.” Ah if only that happened in real life.





GPS Watch (Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger) [CVHN-G96]

Don’t you hate it when you take your wife shopping and she leaves you in the car and instead spend hours in the stores spending thousands of dollars of your hard earned money?

Oh and she’s shopping with her best friend Joy, who thinks you’re a creep? We do too and that’s why we made this GPS watch video. Basically the watch helps her find her way back to the car.

Yeah we know…next year we’ll put on a new GPS watch which will help you find your way to a newer and better wife.





LED Rope Light – Color Changing Flexible Rope Light (3M) [CVHZ-G81-3M]

Know what an “attitude line” is? It’s basically a long queue of people waiting in front of a dance club even though it’s empty inside. Oldest trick in the book. The longer the line, the more you want to enter.

Worse, don’t you hate when you’re in line and some hot babe or handsome dude basically bypasses the line, nods to the doormen and doesn’t have to spend in the “attitude line”?

No I’m not bitter, it’s just that I had to spend a lot of time in attitude lines when I was a youth, and so I took all that anger, rolled it up into a little ball and decided it would be a good video idea for LED light rope.

And Ms. Hillary Deveaux had been kind enough to grant us access to one of her songs beforehand. The fantastically smooth Here I Come. And if anything screams, attitude it’s this song.





Stunt RC Car with LED Lights – Twister Edition (220V) [CVGQ-T29-220V]
…and the best WTF video goes to…Breakdancing Remote Control Car. If you haven’t seen it, you have to.

It makes other viral videos like Chocolate Rain and I Love Turtles seem pathetic in comparison.

Context: we were sitting around testing this crazy RC toy car while on Jack Daniels and someone said “dudes, that car looks like it’s breakdancing. Hahahahahahaha!” And a great Youtube video was born.


Top 7 Non-Product Videos






What Is Wi-Fi, How To Connect Wi-Fi And Set Up Wi-Fi Networks
WiFi sounds easy. Just say that word aloud now and see how easily it rolls off the tongue. It’s not always that easy though with all the types of encryption attached to it and my colleague Ali Dayekh put together a handy guide on how to sort out WiFi in your home AND on your phone.





Podcast: The Recession And China Trade
What did the doctor say to the bean that broke its leg?

I’m sorry but you’re going to need a podcast. 😕 🙄

Yes, 2009 was the year that Chinavasion got into podcasting. Joking aside, it’s a great way for our resellers to learn about the in’s and out’s of doing business in and with China as well as many wonderful tips to make more money.





Chinavasion Staff Exposed! Meet The Team Behind Chinavasion
As of this writing, we are up to 342 videos. Several months when we were at our 300th video, someone came up with this crazy idea where we’d all dress in skirts & sandals and storm the street spit shouting SPAAAARTTTA!

But we were lazy, so instead we got some of most excellent Chinavasion staff including our ultra cool general manager Morley to talk about what makes this company kick butt so awesomely. The result, ah just watch the video.





China Warehouse Process Explained: A Walk Through Chinavasion QC
Videogame Walkthrough: Definion, when you’re playing videogame and you’re too lame to get past the hard parts and need to consult a written tutorial to help you.

Chinavasion Walkthrough: Definition, the video you watch when you’re curious about the inner workings of the leader in the direct from China wholesale electronics.





Cellphone Mysteries Explained; What Is Dual SIM And Dual Standby
What is dual SIM?

Easy, that’s when one SIM card looks at the girlfriend of another SIM card and then that SIM card says to the first one, “pistols at dawn!” Then the first SIM card says “I prefer cutlasses at noon!” So the two SIM cards decide to fight to the death over the girl SIM card.

ED: (What Michael meant to say is that Chinavasion sells amazing cellphones which facilitate the use of two not one SIM cards. We haven’t taught him about homonyms yet).





Fingerprint Reader, How To Set Up Time Attendance Software
How many lawyers does it take to install a Fingerprint Attendance System?

None, snakes don’t have fingers! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah so we made this video because we started selling these amazing fingerprint attendance systems that allow you curb buddy swiping and dishonest employee practices.





How To Make Your Own Free EBay Profit Calculator
We were sitting in the office one day and one of our dropshipping online reseller customers called us up and said “Guys, I love your products! I started selling Chinavasion products two months ago and now I’m rich! But please help! I need a way to calculate my ebay profits! Being rich is no fun, I spend 8 hours a day counting my money.” So then we put together this video.

True story.

Let us know which of the videos you like best by voting in the polls above and, if you haven’t already, subscribe to the Chinavasion YouTube channel. You’ll feel better for it, trust on this.

Author Chinavasion Marketing 23.12.2009. | 23:24
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