Get Ready For Game Night: Scrabble Apps For Android

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Scrabble has always been one of the “board game night” favourites and simply a nice game for any occasion and any company. In addition to being simply fun and addictive, Scrabble comes with a great learning opportunity: spelling, vocabulary, creativity and thinking on the spot – are all great benefits of the game. Students, reporters, writers or anyone, whose job revolves around words, may find it particularly useful. So next time you are playing the game – write it off as a learning opportunity, rather than a time-killer.

These days you can also play the game anytime, anywhere and with anyone – so you no longer have to call your friends, buy snacks and do all the setup work. All you have to do, is download one of the Scrabble for Android apps below and have fun!

Scrabble by EA

Scrabble EA

We are starting off with the classic format of the game. Scrabble by one of the top game developers – EA – is a classic game with traditional rules. And if you love everything about Scrabble – this is the app for you. You can play with the computer to sharpen your skills for the next board game tournament or connect with friends over Facebook or elsewise. You will even be able to play in different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese – talk about globalization!

Words With Friends



As the name suggests, the application focuses on interactive games with friends and family and you are allowed to play with up 20 of them at the same time. Words With Friends was developed by Zynga, the author of Farmville, and you will find similar user-friendliness and design. The interface is colourful, appealing and navigating the game is easy and simple. A nice feature is a built-in chat room, where you can talk to your opponents, make jokes and “zing” each other to your heart’s content.


DroidWords app

DroidWords follows the same concept when it comes to the game itself, but is more feature-packed and offers more customization options. You will be able to choose between different game modes (including Urban Slang) , as well as set a background that suits your aesthetic sense. You can play 25 games simultaneously, chat with other players and enjoy additional features like “ shake to shuffle”. All in all, a strong and popular choice in Scrabble apps for Android category.


DropWords app

DropWords takes a slightly different approach to the game mode and actually combines two in one – so you will be playing a sort of Scrabble + Boggle mix.

You will be competing against yourself and time, rather than other people and the game is a great way to test you wordmaking and analytical skills at the same time. You will be presented with a board with letters on it and, just like in Scrabble, will have to make words with the letters at hand. Once a letter is used, it disappears from the board, making the game even more challenging. The goal is to make as many words as you can before tome runs out.



WordWise is another option for a classic game of Scrabble with a minor twist: you will discover that the bonus tiles are located in different places. As small as this altercation may be, it does make a big difference to avid Scrabble players.

Another nice feature is the fact that the game can be played across platforms, so you don’t have to exclude your iPhone friends from the fun. There are also a number of details that make the app very user-friendly – like, for example, the ability to zoom in on a letter with a simple tap and an Online Leaderboard.


Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.1.2015. | 23:00
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