Augmented Reality Apps For Android

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.1.2015. | 21:55

Augmented reality is by no means a new concept. The term itself appeared all the way back in 1990 to describe certain types of aircraft equipment that combined physical reality with virtual elements.

When it comes to entertainment, we have all actually already seen augmented reality in the popular movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, where 3D cartoon characters were “acting” alongside real people and integrated in the movie’s real-life scenes.

So if augmented reality is such an old and common-place concept, why bring it up altogether? The thing is, with the advances in mobile technology, this familiar old concept has made its way onto our phones in the form of applications and has gained a completely new popularity. So what do augmented reality applications really do?

Let’s take a look at the most popular augmented reality apps and get some answers.

Anatomy 4D


Anatomy 4D is a great way to learn about the human body, as the app practically gives you a virtual tour of what’s going on inside. The way it works is really simple – you print out the image target and aim your camera at it and you will see 3D images of various organs and have the ability ti change the viewing angle and zoom in and out.

This application is perfect, and I would even say – a must, for practically everyone (especially if the question “where is your spleen located” puts you in a mini-coma). It’s also a great teaching aid and a fun practice tool for medical students and anyone who may be interested in considering the profession.



Blippar is a really fun app and a great way to explore augmented reality. It allows you to pull up digital content based on an image, poster, ad or trailer, a selection of which you can find on the website… Campaigns that allow “blipping” are called “blippable” and you will actually get a whole set of related terms to add to your vocabulary. Lots of things can be done wit Blippar, including playing games, exploring 3D worlds, trying on things virtually, watching videos, taking part in contests and more.

Google Goggles

Google Goggles

Google Goggles is a very informative application and is a great one to have for traveling, exploring unfamiliar places, learning about art, literature or just about anything around you. All you have to do is aim the app at anything that caught your eye: a book, building, ad, painting – and the app will do a quick search on anything it can find about the object in question. Not sure if you should get this book or not – just snap a picture and read all about it. Wondering what this old official-looking building might be? Just ask Google and impress your date with you newly-acquired background knowledge.




Location, location, location…Wikitude seems to know very well the importance of this real-estate ruke and makes you feel at home no matter where you are in the world. The application helps you locate sights, shops, restaurants, supermarkets within walking distance form your location. Looking for a closest Gap outlet? Just type in you search query, lift up your smartphone and “look around” to show the app where you are. Wikitude will then display the matches in real time, actually “labeling” the buildings around you.

Sky Map



Now this one may not have that much practical value, but it simply must be popular with girls or anyone with a romantic streak. If you have ever gazed up into the jight sky in search of The Great Bear – you will love Sky Map. The application lets you take a closer look at the night sky above you in real time, labeling the constellations, names of the stars and other celestial objects. In other words, if you are planning a romantic picnic – don’t forget this app!

Author Chinavasion Marketing 9.1.2015. | 21:55
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